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Matthew was punished because he made a movement of imitation when he came to reach the array of Archways. To know that Lin Qi was fined $ 11,000 as early as December. Since Thursday, Linqi sent a Textunction Alliance: « My teammates applauded me, but I was fined, I felt that this kind of organized work pressure is very large. »

Chutski was just 13 games in North Carolina, and he did not prepare and experienced Glennon and Mark Sanchez. In fact, Pace clearly said that Sanchez will serve as a quarter-saving in the training camp, and Chutski will serve as a three-point guard.

The best player selected can be selected by Spirman. It’s best that he is best to choose the first round of the first round to him, the professional bowl of the player is not a corner, otherwise he can only go through the night on the office sofa.

Taking the Sunday Night Tournament as the end, the cowboy has to play three games in 11 days. Li is likely to be absent from the leg thread. He has had to weaken the side guard from the mid-line sanctuary. Jaylon Smith and Justin Durant will share the midrange guards.

In 1979, the first round of the show, the New York giant is surprisingly selected from the Morhoe Dezhou University, the name and no password, this is very dissatisfied at the time that the giant fans attracted in the scene, considering that there is still a later generation in the day. Joe Montana, try these out one of the great quarters in history, is selected, and the giant’s choice now seems to be controversial. However, it is said that the San Francisco 49 coach Bill Walsh (Bill Walsh) first is Sims and intends to pick him in the third round, but he is first taken by the giant.

The season after the super bowl, Anderson’s number one running guards replaced by teammates, and the 1992 season became his last season. He has a total of 2649 yards 38 times in the giant scorpion, only 4 times (including the playoffs), and the number of professional career is over 10,000, and the number of code is ranked in history. The seventh in the history of the number of rankings.

« Different things are what you need to see, » Hechinus said, « Every ball is to lock a person, such as near-end strikes, such as running. Different files should lock different locations. This week, I have And Shawn is working together for a long time. If he can’t play, ask him to see what I have to do. « 

Elsen Jeffea guarantees that the bear team will win the super bowl next year Chicago Bear has leaving the ranks of the playoffs in front of this Sunday, and their record is 3 wins and 13 losses this season, but their external connections Elsen – Jeffrey Alshon Jeffery There is a very high wish in the 2017 season.

« I understand the status quo, but I also understand that if we have a player who thinks of a professional bowl level and for some reason he fell to our position, how can you not pick him? In addition, you have to pay attention to each location Depth of lineup. « Spirman said. « If there is a unique situation, if a professional bowl level player fell to the 18th, then you selected a player who didn’t have a talented, I think you have made mistakes. »

Come to the 25th Super Bowl, giant’s offensive program is built around Anderson’s scorpion. Anderson’s player in the game, Anderson, came to the Bill defensive players, and broke through the hooks and broke through the hook, which indicates that the game giant is not afraid of a tenacious style of the body. In the second section, the giant is behind 3-12, but the passage of Horsteler’s pass before the end of the half is helped the giant to enter the second half with the gap of 10-12. After the first half, the giant completed a wave of 14 attacks to advance the 75-yard offensive, including 4 successful three-speed conversion, and finally Anderson completed the 1 yard ball to help the giant lead, this wave of offensive 9 minutes 29 seconds, Created the record of NFL at the time. Although Bill rapidly achieved a leading advantage, the exhausted Bill defensive group could not stop the giant’s attack, and the score came to 20-19 after the giant injection. The things happened later, and the 47 yards of Bill were soone, and the giant was locked. The game Anderson scorpion won 102 yards 1 time, another one-time ball acquired 7 yards, is the best performance of the offensive group. He is only 4 in the history of NFL to get over the two super bowl. Ball Daren and get one of the superbweed MVP running guards. However, Anderson’s honor is not a controversy, Bill Runwutman Throman Thomas scored a total of 190 yards, which made some sports reporters think Thomas should receive MVP honors.

The most memorable moments of this super bowl is that the giant opponent Buffalobir led to 1 points of failure, but there may be few people to pay attention to the giant to suppress the very excellent Bill offensive group. Only 19 points, a big reason lies in that their offensive group consumes 40 minutes and 33 seconds, which is almost twice that of the Bill offensive group. In the case of replacing the four-point Weijus Titler, run the anis Anderson has become the key to the giant control of the ball.