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29-year-old Pites has entered the last year of the contract. After the first season after joining the sag, he got 38 hugs in the last 24 games in the past two seasons. Pites was selected by Atlant Femplay in 2010. In his career, he had a total of 184 to hold 12 times.

Before the crow star safety Wei Dawn announced retirementEd Reed officially announced retirement. He once selected a professional bowl, eight-degree selected, the best lineup, is one of the best security guards in this generation.

Pirates Executive Quarter Wendon Fifth Years Contract OptionsAccording to Tampa Bay Media, the pirates have implemented four-point gauges in Jameis Winston, a fifth year contract option worth $ 209.2 million. There is no doubt that they put hope on the prodrugs.

In the Green Bay Packaging Workers 30-16, the four-point Wei Alon Rogers passed the 295 yards 3 times, and his pass success rate reached 73.5%, quadrupanrating Reached 128.9. Such a performance makes him become the best offensive player of the National United States.

Miami Dolphins defeated Cincinnati in 19-7 in the thirteenth week, including Kyle Van Noy. Vanoi has been hugged 8 times, and the number of lost code is caused by 5 times, and 3 kills and 1 time. He is therefore the best defensive player in Mei Week.

Defensive Dragonfly, Leonard Williams, Dedicated to the New York Giants 17-12 to compete in the Seattle Hawks. He obtained 2.5 times, 3 hugs and 2 擒 抱 caused the number of damage to the code. Such a performance makes him become the best defensive player in the country.

The Red Spirit announced on Friday that they were consistent with the defensive dish. The contract is worth 12 million US dollars, including $ 7.25 million security income and $ 2.75 million signature bonuses, and the highest value of all bonuses can reach 13 million US dollars. He will take the rickets to the 2020 season.

After determining the retaining Pites, the Red Sick may give the same defensive tricks of the free player Floth Ruk (Frostee Rucker) in the offset station. The 34-year-old Rack is 26% in Potters this season.

Rachels and Kleabreti for 4 yearsThe contract of Auckland raids took over Michael Crabtree will expire after the end of this season, but the team obviously does not intend to let him try the water free market. Local time on Wednesday, nfl jerseys official website reporters reported that the raids have been agreeing with Kleabreti in a four-year contract, a contract worth $ 35 million.

Clarbtrima ushered in the new life this season, before 49 people in San Francisco were injured in the 2013 season, and the 2014 season is flat. This season, he once again showed its characteristics again: the success rate of the ball is high, the red area is highly efficient, which is good at continuing to advance after the ball. According to the current performance, he is expected to catch 88 times at the end of the season, and promote 1013 yards to complete 9 times.

The 13th week of the United States, the best players of the United States, unveiledIn the thirteenth week, the two all seasons played an excellent quarter-off until the previous performance, led their respective teams with beautiful data to win the game. They also became the best offensive players in China.

In the case where there is no media observation and injury list, « completely participate in » does not agree in this time, but this is a positive signal, meaning that Rack is returning to the starting list. Pagano said that Lak Monday « looks very good ».

This is not unexpected. In the past three seasons, Winston launched 45 games, which is already the most stable four-point guard in the history of piracy. He took a total of 69 times, 44 cases were copied, although it could not be praise, but Winston was 24 years old, and there was still a few years of increasing capabilities and led the pirate to victory.

New England Patriots Specialist Group players playing especially in the team’s 45-0 victory in the team, 45-0, Los Angeles. He completed 3 abandoned attacks in the game, with an average of 48.3 yards every time, he finished 70 yards back to attack.

The Best Technical Group of Guo Zhou Zhou also came from Guandong District, Washington Football Team playing the Basin Hopkins, in the team, burst into the game, winning the Pittsburgh steel man, the game, killing any ball shooting door, let Washington wins on 23-17. Hopkins hit all 3 times in the hit, at least 45 yards per shooting, and also hit a total of 2 sets of additional shot.

In the 34-24 defeated San Francisco 49 people on Monday Night, become the best offensive player of Mei Week, played a stunning, completed 32 passes, achieved 375 yards 4 times, The ball has reached 80%, and the quarterfielding points reached 139.1.

Due to injuries due to injuries last season, Winston’s playback is fluctuated. He has played a total of 13 games, and 442 passed the ball completed 282 times (63.8%), promoted 3504 yards, got 19 reacted, 11 times were copied.