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The Lightning Team’s management group announced that the team’s venue contract will continue until the next year, and wait for the facilities of San Diego to build a stadium. The team boss said the team will complete the 14th year of work in San Diego, and the new stadium will be built in San Diego in 2015.

Good state in the CLL KraneThis week, Texas 23-7 defeated Brown, let them be happy, Jade, Jedey, Drade, Dadeveon Clowney, showed a good state in the game. He and JJ-Watt (J. J.Watt), the defensive front line, is a brunt, it is difficult to pass over.

During the recovery of the disaster in the new Orleans area, Saints are expected to continue to stay in Dallas training, and the location is the training facility of Texas Christian University. If there is a time conflict, the Training facilities of the South Health University university can also be used as a replacement location as an AT & AMP; T coupling.

Kelly said: « I understand that both sides don’t like each other, but this is not what I am paying attention to. I want click through the following web site team to play the best game, defeat the best opponents. » There is a rumor, Kelly tries to train the field problem Do your hands and feet, affect denim training. In the interview, Kelly also refuted this rumor: « This is impossible, when we go to other cities, the main team will let us use their training facilities. There is no doubt that we treat visitors like this. The same is true, no one will be difficult to travel on training issues. « 

In 2009-2017, Kapece served as a defensive coordinator in the package worker, and he won a super bowl, 3 times entered the National World Championship. Top again, Kelps also served as a defensive coordinator in the steel man, the jigue and dolphins. Successful defensive group also made him two coach opportunities.

Saints originally intended to set Dallas as a temporary game location, but the concert after the AT & AMP; T courses arranged in conflicts with the game. NFL is more inclined to hold a game in NFL venues because it is more complete. However, Miki Lubis, the general manager of Saint, said that NFL will give a venue that can be replaced by replacement every week.

Player of the Week released the ninth week, « Big Ben » was re-electedBeijing on Thursday, NFL officials announced the ninth week of the National League and the American League’s best players. Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben – Rose Rees Rosberg came second consecutive week with 6 touchdowns successful performance won the American League Week, the past two weeks the game « Big » 86 successful passes 65 times, pass 12 out of 862 yards and no touchdowns were steals, he is among the best in his career. The National League’s top side by the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy – McLean (Jeremy Maclin) undisputed election, McLean season full of blood resurrection from injury last week, six times the ball to win the game McLean 158 yards two touchdowns, he can be said to be one of this season’s hottest wide receiver.

Saints and packworks to change in JacksonvilleUS time on Wednesday, NFL officially announced that due to the influence of Hurricane Eida, the Saint and Packagers will be held in Jacksonville Tiaa Bank Stadium. The kicking time is still the original east 4:25 pm.

Miami Dolphins cornerback Brent – Gray Williams (Brent Grimes): Gray Williams in the ninth week contributed three tackles and two steals, successfully locked the excellent state this season, San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip – Rivers (Philip Rivers), home help dolphins zero seal lightning.

In 1995, Kepece served as the head coach of the Black Panther and took the team to enter a national union championship. In 2001, he was hired as a Texas Coach. In the past eight years of coaching, he has achieved a record of 48-80.

The eagle coach does not want to wonder the relationship with cowboyPhiladelphia Eagle and Dallas Cowboy will make a frontal face this week, both sides are eager to stand out in Guandong District. This game is not only related to the playoff ticket, but the two teams in history make this contest a battle that is a well-deserved focus of this week. But before the game, the old eagle main coach Qipprp-Kelly hopes to focus on the game itself, rather than continuing to worsen the relationship between the parties.

Talking about the « Battle of the Enemy », Kelly said that this emotional development is a hatred: « I am not an irritable, I will not hate any team, player, this is also a respect We will go all out, just like facing other opponents. « 

New Orleans linebacker Junior – Garrett (Junior Galette): In the ninth week of the Saints and the Carolina Panthers on Thursday night race, Garrett contributed 4 tackles and 2 sacks a manufacturing partner off the ball, helped the saints win the battle at the south end of the name of the country.

This season, Claieney was absent from the half-month board for a while, so this is just his third NFL game. He got 2 clams in the anti-run, one of whom made the opponent lost the code. Although it did not harvest killed in 40 files in the appearance, there were also 2 times to cause Brian’s four-point Weiner, Hoyer, rush to shot. This game Texas successfully restricted Brown’s ground offensive to 58 yards, if the 35-code ball in Saiah Crowell is removed, Brown only promotes 24 yards in the remaining 23 sho .