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Previously, the news indicated that Shelman would choose not to participate in voluntary training, and now he has given a very positive performance. At present, the Sea Eagle has passed extremely expensive prices to Shelman, which may be the reason why he will not be traded.

At least the current Sherman can start planning with his bombing legion how to continue his own rule defense, although the members of their defensive groups have lost a lot, but also suffer from injuries, but the most talented people also gathered together For Wholesale Jerseys example, Sherman, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, etc.

Jet coach: still considering how to deal with four-point guardIn Thursday, the New York Jet Sam Darnold was injured in the Sam Darnold, but he insisted on the game. However, he may have to absence the next game.

It is a great advantage for the position of Bill run without a ban. After joining the new England Patriors in Mike Gillislee, Williams is the most promising players who have been the first to race the Lesean McCoy.

However, the Subtail of the Philadelphia Eagle seems to have no cold to these situations, Mark Sanchez has interviewed in the dressing room on Monday, and the front New York jet main four defense expressed his confusion in an interview. He said: « I thought they did what they said to me. If those people don’t talk to me, I will be traded. » «  » USA Today « reporter Tom – Today Perrissero revealed that Sanchez did not have traded to the ram. Interestingly, Sanchez himself seems to continue to follow the Kelly Coach rather than go to a team to do the first quarter-off.

NFL TV reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the Narnod right shoulder lock joint sprained according to the informed news, although it is still a long time, how long will he be absent, but to endurely and insist on training a serious problem.

Falcon taken: the team’s goals take 30 points per gameIn the first week the team offensive team against the New Orleans Saints in the game after scoring 37 points, took over the Atlanta Falcons Roddy outside – White (Roddy White) said the team 2014 season is the task of every game scored 30 points .

Darnod was injured in the first quarter of the game, he was hit by an opponent. He was replaced by the elderly Joe Flacco after the attack, but he returned to the competition after 5 attacks. At the full game, he won 230 yards in 42 passes.

Mark Sanchez: I am very suspicious that I will be traded to the ram.After the first quarter of the ravad, Sam Bradford announced the reimbursement again, the ram is looking for a new quarter. Jeff Fisher, Jeff Fisher, said that Sanchez is very « transaction value », Mark Sanchez, will soon connect with the ram.

The Falcon’s defensive group is still a problem, so the offensive group will win this week and the whole season. If the Falcon wants to enter the playoffs, 30 points should not be an idiotic dream, but must do.

According to the statistics of ESPN data information, 12 teams have achieved or more than 30 since 2004. In addition to a team, enter the playoffs. Only Pen Buddha wild horse farm in Penx Manning in the 2013 season scored more than 30 (37.9). The falcon gets only 22.1 points last season, but the midfielders in the 5 games on Jones have risen to 28.2.

The fight against Cincinnati this week is one of the most concerned privileges. Under the facility of the new defensive coordinator Paul Guenther, the excellent Tiger Defensive Team has been in good start, and the first week of competition only gave 16 points in Baltima. However, they let the crow offensive group pushed 420 yards.

Watt said: « I don’t like slow rhythm. The best place is that I can meet with my teammates, I can be on the scene, I will be with them in the talk. I feel awesome. Every minute of each minute on the court. Pleasure. « 

« I think any measures are possible, » Gates said on Friday. « I haven’t really had a chance to discuss details; I am really like this. When I saw him, I asked him more about how to feel …. We need to make sure we make each solution, look What we will go back to how to deal with and what is the best measures, not just for a long time for next week. « 

J.J. Watt conducts a complete relay event In the rest training, Texas welcomed one of the stars of their own defensive groups, but the two key players can only watch training on the side line due to injuries.

« That is our goal, » White told Espn.com. « From the snail to the training camp, we always tell you to take 30 points per game. That is what we want to do. I want to tell you that it is hard to get 30 points in NFL. I think we have a good player. To do this. « With White, Harry Douglas, Harry Douglas, and unexpected DEVIN HESTER, four Divided Matt-Lan, certainly there is a ball goal to try to get so much fraction & mdash; & mdash; if his offensive front line can protect his words.

Defensive Did-Edger J.J. Wat (J. J. Watt) last season missed 13 regular sessions and 2 playoffs, but it has returned to Texas people training. Watt once said in the offset period, he will be more careful to treat personal training. He added it on Tuesday that he would try to join the team training in a new method.