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Gates were cut off by dolphins on Monday. He needs to prove to jet CEO Christopher-Johnson (Mike Maccagnan), which can not only bring victory culture to the team. It also allows Sam Darnold to steadily develop into elite quarterfield.

Crow Cangwei: First Way Show Line Wei let me think of Raytheon

For a rookie player in the defensive group, the seasons are always more difficult. However, in the crow, the number of heads in the crow, Lardarius WEBB, is obviously not such problems in CJ-Mosley (MOSLEY).

« Of course, I have to share some things I have learned here, » Wilson said. « For example, if you and a woman better than you, ask her to marry you. If you can pass 80 yards pass, for some reason, people will feel this cool. And if you are super In the bowl, in the face of New England Patriots, you have four points in the game left, and you are ready to start two-speed attack on the other-code line, trying to pass the passes. But this is of course completely complete assumption. « 

During the dolphins, the Glass did not make the quadrotae to Lenhill Ryan Tannehill. Tanhhir was absent from the first 2017 season due to the lack of the 2017 season because of his absence of the next 2017 season, and he missed five games this season. Even if Tam Hill is completely healthy, the dolphins’ attack cannot provide sustained firepower. Most of the dolphins are not reliable, and some luck is needed to advance. Dolphin This year’s Pass No. 30 is ranked 30th, it is a new team since 2003.

Lawson is a four-wheeled show, and left Detroit after playing five years. Signing with the raid in the spring last year. He gave a total of 11 games for the raid, and the first five games were completed 24 times, and the ball was destroyed 5 times.

Bill starting defensive cuts in Masel – Dhalius banned 4 games

Buffalo Bill Star Defensive Dragonfly Marsell Dareus has been banned from four games due to drug prosecution, due to the growth of cannabis.

The front of the new England patriots in front of this previous announcement have been guessing may change the idea of ​​returning stadium. But in front of the public, he looked at a lot of slim in front of the public, which indicated that he had reduced the number of training, which would make him more difficult to return.

In 17 weeks, it is lost to the wild horse, and Lawson uses the helmet as a weapon in the battle and is also banned. He has been banned from the ban on the performance of drug policies due to violation of the alliance.

Wilson began college career in North Carolina State University, and then transferred to the University of Wisconsin. In 2011, he was played for Wisconsin University and completed 72.8% of pass, and the 33 passes were passed 4 times.

A large weight loss is good for long-term health of retired players, but usually this means that players will no longer come back. The front NFL near Tony-Gonzalez said that the team invited him to return, but because he lost too much, it is no longer possible to return to the stadium.

Adam – Gain will interview the head coach work

According to wholesale nfl jerseys NetWork reporters, Ian Rapoports and Tom Pelissero reported that the front seam dolphin master coach Adam Gas will interview the head of the jet, Prior to that, Gates also took the coach of the colluded rickets.

Dhalius’s ban is a big blow for the Bill Defense Group. They have lost the first outward Weak Squson-Lawson and the first intranet Wei Rigi-Lagland (Reggie Ragland). Lawson’s recovery from shoulder surgery to return to the sixth week before returning, and Grand has reimbursed the torn torn season due to the knee.

Mosley has achieved seven defensive interception in the game of the Black Panther, and it is only the 29-file mushroom defense. Weber said: « When you see that he is playing on the scene, it will feel that this is incredible. In fact, his performance made me think of Ray Lewis. » The data also proves that Weber is not boasting for teammates. According to the data of Pro Football Focus, his score is second only to Bobby Wagner and Luke Kuechly in all internal users. And his appearance is more than two.

In addition to Daankus, the second grade of Bill Run Karlos Williams also was banned from four games in the new season due to violation of drug abuse regulations. Bill will receive a huge imposition of the alliance because multiple players are banned in the same season.

In the case of Dacouus lack, Bill may make the old Kyle Williams or Corbin Bryant as defensive perspective. The team also signed two old defensive front line players to reinforce lineup depth in Monday.

Mosley graduated from the University of Alabama, in the first round of the first round of this year, was selected by the crow. Currently achieved the highest five ruins of the alliance all lines, and it is the only alliance in this season. 40 times, 1 copy, 1 time to create a ball, grab the ball.