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After Jackson’s pass, he does not need so much legs. In the season’s 3 games, he was rushing for 27 times, and 16 of which were completed in a game. According to such a rhythm, his entire season will complete 144 sho, but it is far from the frequency of the squash in the last season.

« I only walked the ball when there was no passage of the target, » Jackson was asked when he was asked last week to talk about the squad of the Kansas City Emirates. « I have to let him miss it. I am in a one-on-one situation. I hope that I will and anyone a chance to come. »

Recent recently, Bennite said: « I feel old, just because he is in our team, but I can’t stop the feelings, obviously I will become a better teammate, but I can’t change my to him. Views. « Bennite subsequently hinted that Glaham was in the sea eagle not just for the boller.

Matt Lafleur, said: « He just recovered from the big injury last year, we can join the starting lineup, we will miss him. I am also very sympathetic, restoring the big injury requires a lot of energy. & Hellip ; & hellip; seeing this kind of thing is always sad. « 

Jackson has shown yourself to manage quad-saving protection networks and precise levels, and is still progressing. However, the progress of the passing performance does not mean Jackson wants to completely give up the ball.

The top two are still the top of the United States, the top two patriots and the national association’s head-name black panther. On Sunday, the red scitch killed the tiger. The Palmad did not only defeat the old master, but also helped the Red Tiji tiger, raised to the third. The excellent performance of Osville makes the wild horses to stop bleeding, plus the top defense group of the league, and the wild horses are again optimistic about experts, and the strength will be returned to fifth. The packaging workers easily won the battle of the name of the National Lianbei District, holding the sixth ranking, and pushed the Viking back to the eighth. The seventh is the steel man who is going on this week. Giants who are also rising from the fall of falcon, rose to the ninth. The Hawks finally came back, Rawls’ stunning performance made the sea eagle only the Sixth Falcon, the resort. Although the wild beast Linch may be reimbursed in the season, the Hawie’s playoffs seem to have not been affected, and the top ten will be returned to the top ten.

Before Taylor’s injury, the package has need to adjust the offensive front line. The original first right trunks were injured in Billy Turner, and the right striker Elton Jenkins changed to the right. But after the first left … Lucas Patrick’s injured, Jenkins hit the right strike. Rick Wagner will be responsible for the right cut, Xiu Runyan Jr. will beat right.

But they don’t seem to have the offensive line players of Tennessee, they don’t just enjoy the quiet viewing competition, Titan offensive players are commendable for the team’s support, but you will find it seems they. Marcus Mariota is not integrated into the drinking environment of offensive lines.

This week, this Baltimore Crow is stronger to tune his desire. « I hate the ball, » Jackson said. « Only when I have to need it, I will be sculbeled, but my mission is to pass the ball to the outside, close to the front, running guards. If I have to need a rush, I will do it, but I would rather to stay Passing in the same place. I like to pass the ball to get the truth instead of being a rush. « 

The following is a detailed list:

1. New England Patriot 10-0 (-)

2. Carolina Black Leopard 10-0 (-)

3. Arizona Red Spits 8-2 (+1)

4. Cincinnati ram tiger 8-2 (-1)

5. Danfo Yam 8-2 (+3)

6. Green Bay Packaging Workers 7-3 (-)

7. Pittsburgh Steel Man 6-4 (-)

8. Minnesota Viking 7-3 (-3)

9. New York Giants 5-5 (+1)

10. Seattle Hawks 5-5 (+6)

11. Buffalo 5-5 (-)

12. Tampa Bay Pirate 5-5 (+6)

13. Kansas City Chief 5-5 (+9)

14. Houston Texas 5-5 (+9)

15. New York Jet 5-5 (-2)

16. Indianapolis Pimers 5-5 (+5)

17. Atlantan Falcon 6-4 (-8)

18. Auckland raid 4-6 (-6)

19. Chicago Bear 4-6 (-)

20. Dallas Cowboy 3-7 (+6)

21. Miami Dolphin 4-6 (-7)

22. Washington Red Leather 4-6 (-5)

23. New Orleans Saint 4-6 (-3)

24. Philadelphia Eagle 4-6 (+2)

25. Jacksonville American Tiger 4-6 (+2)

26. St. Louis Ram 4-6 (-2)

27. Detroit Lion 3-7 (+1)

28. San Francisco 49 people 3-7 (-3)

29. Baltimore Crow 3-7 (-)

30. Tennesi Titan 2-8 (-)

31. Cleveland Brown 2-8 (+1)

32. San Diego Lightning 2-8 (-1)

Packaging work first harmonious Renne-Taylor’s reimbursement

Packaging Warrior Ren Ren – Taylor’s third week, the third week of tear reimbursement, the packaging workers have to look for people who can replace him. This year they have to repeat this matter.

Crow 4 points Wei Malmal – Jackson: Hate the ball, I want to pass the ball

Lamar Jackson is one of the most dangerous double threats of NFL. His punch and passing make the opponent defensive group defense.

Bill is still ranked 11th. But in the next two weeks, the game will determine the success or failure of Bill this season. Another one pursued the falcon in the country is a pirate team. Xiuxin Wenston can be described as getting better. If he can lead the pirate to defeat the falcon in thirteen weeks, the last outer card of the National United States will be likely to be between the pirates and the Hawks. Pirates were placed on the 12th this week. This week, the fastest chief and Texas were ranked 13th and 14th place. Although the chief is temporarily tentatively the sixth, but in Xiaobian, Texas seems to be more expensive to get the United Union’s playoffs. After all, the Mei Nang Fama team is only five wins and five negatives. The jet lost to Texas this week is very fatal. This means that unless Dezhou people can occupy the list of Meiwan, the jet must be more than one victory in Texas to advance to the playoffs. Therefore, after they fall in Texas, they ranked 15th on the list. Falcon’s continuous lobes have given a very good chance of the hooker who is almost desperate. If the falcon does not have to vain, the tickets for the outer card will be taken away. This week fell eight bits to the location of the first 17.