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Now 24-year-old Balaji, rushed the ball only 110 times advancing 326 yards, scored four rushing touchdowns. After the Dolphins two seasons, he will go to the Jets, the running back Lewei En – Bell (Le & rsquo; Veon Bell) and Frank – for a chance to play after Gore (Frank Gore).

Smith is the second round of the jet in 2015, but only 14 games have been completed in two seasons, in addition to this constant injury. Last year, he only completed four games because of the torn torn.

Antonio – Brown ultimately participate in voluntary trainingPittsburgh – Steelman’s External Antonio Brown decided to participate in the training camp, starting at first, he is planning to do not participate in this voluntary training camp.

Brown completed the second 129th ball of personal history in the 2014 season. At present, Brown is only 26 years old to complete 1698 yards of catching advancement and 13 times, in the future of steel people.

Dolphins running back to Karen – Balaji traded to the JetsUpdated: US time on Thursday noon, according to Nfl Jerseys Network correspondent reported before Balaji officially dismissed, the Jets and Dolphins made representations. Dolphins running back will put the name of the trade to the Jets in exchange for a conditional seven other draft picks.

The patriot has not continued to « Island King » RewisESPN reported that the New England Patriots did not use a 20 million wage option to Darrelle Revis. He will begin a free player on Tuesday. If you use this option, the Patriot team will spend $ 25 million in Rewis.

According to local reporters, the professional bowl level of external connections decided to participate in the training camp to ensure a new contract with guarantees. He signed a 5-year contract in 2012. The total value of this contract is $ 42 million, but it is not guaranteed by $ 22.96 million. This is not small risks for Brown.

Balaji is a 2018 four-wheel show, played last season in Dolphins flat, 12 appearances, including six starts, advancing only 135 yards, rushing yards were only 1,8 yards. Quarterback Ryan – 费兹帕特里克 (Ryan Fitzpatrick) Dolphins last season, leading the team rushed the ball a few yards.

Miller does not participate in the rest training is not surprising. Most players who have not signed privileged label contracts will not participate in the resting period training. The Mustang last year’s privileged label player Demarry Thomas is the same.

Wild Hema previously gave Miller’s privileged label contract worth $ 14129 million. Taking into account the contracts of other passive balls in the free player market in this year & mdash; & mdash; 52 million US dollars in Olivier Vernon, with an average annual income of $ 17 million contracts & mdash ; & mdash; Miller’s payment is much lower than his value.

Feng Miller will not participate in the wild horse training training on MondayDenver’s wild horse will start training during Monday, and the most valuable player von Miller in the super bowl will not attend.

According to reports, the latest price of wild horses is an annual contract with an average annual contract. Ndamukong Suh is currently the highest defensive player with the union salary, and his contract has a average annual salary of $ 19 million.

The last month was sued for three cases, and the 49 people in San Francisco finally gave up Smith, and Smith last season was banned for 9. Therefore, the signature of the raid is obviously a certain risk. If Smith 2015 is banned, we will not be very surprised.

According to NFL official website, Ian Rapoport reported that Miller will not participate in the horses in Mary, because he has not signed his own privileged label contract and he is still participating in  » Dance « program. Lat Portter also said that if Miller is eliminated in the program, he will reconsider his decision. Since Miller has not yet signed a privileged label contract, he is currently in a state of no contract.