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As a MVP for this season, the performance of Lamar Jackson is one of the biggest points of this game. His performances this season have achieved great progress compared to the rookie season, and the success rate of passing the ball reached 66.1%, obtained 3,127 yards, and the first 36 times of the league, only 6 passes were copied. He also set a record number of four-point guard single season, and obtain 1206 yards 7 times. Such a comprehensive manifestation means that he can defeat his opponent in any way. Of course, the ruling MVP is difficult to get a super bowl of championships remain continued, and Jackson is poor in the race of the rookie season. He is bound to prove that he is the first person in this game.

2021NFL draft, first round of 32 signature, full announcement

The 2021NFL draft The first round of 32 signatures is all selected. The American Tiger-shaped Yuan Sign Selects Lawrence; 49 people are unresolved, and the third line will choose Lance; the first three signs are quadruption! For details, please see:

Falcons running back Geer Li will wear No. 21 was legend Dion – against Sanders

Todd – Geer Li (Todd Gurley) will be wearing the number 21 jersey Atlanta Falcons, but he said the decision has not been the team legend Dion – Sanders (Deion Sanders) approval.

Exposed dolphins intention to trade left cut Albert to the Americas Tiger

According to Miami Media, Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville American Tigers are negotiating a transaction with anti-Branden Albert and near-Terrier Julius-Thomas.

In the case of Dion Sims and Jordan Cameron, the dolphins need to consider close-end positions. The Jaguji needs to consider the offensive cut off because they have not chosen to perform the left truncation Kelvin-than Cham’s 2017 contract option.

Ter 10: The first transaction of this selection was born. Philadelphia Eagle (with Denim) Selects External Pass Von Tower from the University of Alabama, He will also reunite with the old team friend Herz.

He was wearing jersey No. 3 during the effectiveness of the University of Georgia, he was asked why he never wore this number in NFL. « Unfortunately, according to NFL regulations, that will not happen, » he said. « Believe me, it would be most unlikely thing happened. »

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The giant also has other available talents in the left-off position, Chad Wheeler and Brian Mihalik are the most prominent two. One of them should be involved in team events and mini training camps with the starting lineup.

[Front of the event, show the lottery] Meilai season next week: crow vs Titan

Similar to the first partitioned final week, the second partition final week season was played by the United States and the United States seeded Baltimore Crow in the outer card. Tennesi Toyitan. The two teams have been handed over, and the four-defense or Joe Flaco and Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Mario Nowadays, the two teams led by the freshman force will bring us a wonderful context to our golden time on Sunday. Is the crow continued to rule the status of the first strength team? Still Titan will continue to burst?

In the past seven seasons, cornerback Desmond – Trudeau Infante (Desmond Trufant) is the No. 21 jersey of the owner, but he was laid off in this offseason. Geer Li wore at the time effect for the Los Angeles Rams are No. 30.

Simply put, in the face of Ramar Jackson, the League ranked second offensive group and the first squad attack in the huge advantage, the Titan defensive group seems to face an impossible task. The Caves have exceeded 200 yards from 9 games this season, which has been the most since 1978. They got the first attack in 31.5% of the shock attack. In the pass attack, the proximal pendants led by Mark Andrews can use the opportunity to create the shock attack to find the space in the fake run. Makis Brown, Willie Snead and Miles Boykin’s external connections are also threatened. Of course, Titan defensive disappearance Jurrell Casey and Jeffery Simmons played this season, and their average of the opponent is only 3.0 yards when they partner. Harold Landry and Kamalei Correa, which were taken this season and Kamalei Correa to shoulder the impact of Jackson. However, the Titan defense forces this season, the close-up of the opponent is 916 yards, the two data average column league countdown, and the crow number of redxtors, the number of rendezes, the first. The Titan defensive group may take care of another one.