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Hiqi said: « It takes a long time from the injury, but he is very hard every day. We hope that he can come to the scene, but this still has a long way to go. I have already separated from the team. Time, but his performance we have been watching in the eyes. His efforts also encouraged each of us. « 

Cutting Boikin shows the trust of the team to cultivate them into talents in a short time in a short period of time. However, the current black pantoplah is not satisfactory. In addition to the rookie, the remaining players either have just experienced injuries, or the last season is bad, or Wholesale nfl Jerseys experience is almost no.

After two months, it is a surprising decision to cut off Boirkin for the black panther who urgently needs. We have previously believed that Boi Jin will compete with the slot. Now Boyjin needs to find the fourth team in less than a year.

« I didn’t ask (management) to agree, » Malone said to ESPN. « I just walked into the locker room and said this is what I did. » Malone did not commit to the Aunton will start the season. The coach said that the debut of the Otteon was to help the team next to a long-term decision. « (We) can’t continue to go in the current direction » Malone said.

The rookie record (11.5) of wild horses (11.5) is maintained by von miller (2011) and Rulon Jones (1980). The investigate also has the opportunity to impact a new show (14.5) that is currently maintained by Jevon Kerse.

On Monday, shortly, the team running Malone in Bill official, the team running C. J. Spille expressed in a report for Manuel’s support. « People try to separate the team, pointing out who should not start, but we are very confident that he can play well, » Spil said. « Yesterday was a game of him. He will take lessons from the mistake, he will treat it seriously. But he will be good, we will support him and we will ensure that he is ready to play. »

The first four-point guards, Oton will serve as Bill

Buffalo has changed in the four-defense position. The head coach Duality-Machi Declared the old four-dimensional Ware-Oton (Kyle Orton) will be the first in the Bill Weekly to challenge the Detroit Lion’s competition. EJ-Manuel EJ Manuel. Maron said that he made this decision on Monday afternoon.

The eagle runs Wende, said it will not special preferential patriots

After the eagle won the super bowl, the Legarrette Blount said, although he got two superb bowl rings, but in the face of patriots and face other American teams different.

In the next ten days, the problem about the old east’s home will still come to Brown Turns like a tide, and he also tries to explain that he is only paying attention to the eagle. Bronds also maintains contact with friends from New England, and he also likes time to be in patriot. But now, he has entered the « complete hostile model ».

Oton signed a $ 11 million contract on August 29, which is the first player level salary, which strongly indicates that Bill did not finalize Manuel to serve the whole season. In 2013, the first round was selected by Manuel in the fourth week of the team to continue to fans in the Houston Texas. There were 2 passes to be copied, one of them was defended by Texas, JJ Watt (JJ) Watt) back to the reachable. In the 4th place in this season, Manuel completed 58% of passing, got 5 times of 3 times of passage of 3 times, and 80.3. Bill has achieved 2 wins and 2 negative records.

In March last year, Albert and Dolphins were agreed in a five-year contract worth $ 46 million. Before injuries, his performance also proved such a big contract with himself. After the injury in Albert, cheap jerseys From china the Dolphin Arranged Ja & Rsquo; Wuan James, was as disappointing. Dolphins has made great reinforcements in this break, they hope to break through the new season.

In the game reversed by Dallas denim, Jones legs were injured in the game. But he and the falcon face difficult choices. The Falcon did not want Jones to stand the results, resulting in deterioration of injuries, but at the same time, the falcon urgently needs a victory to avoid the three-game land. If you continue to lose, Quane’s handsome position may not guarantee.

Dolphins believe that the left-offs Albert can play in the first week

Miami dolphins did not add in the season, this may be directly related to the left side of Branden Albert, Branden Albert. The opening of the new season, the opening of the dolphins will be on September 13 against Washington red leather, and Dennis Hickey believes that Albert can hurt the scene.

The coach Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Runa said that the team did not plan to introduce the old will guide. After withdrawn the privileged player label to Josh Norman, Dave Gettlemen said, « Sometimes the answer is in our team. »

Miller said: « This is a great achievement, especially in Denver Wild Horse & Mdash; & mdash; our rushing hands have been very strong. The young rushing hand can complete the transcenderation, but I have said, he is very Strong players, I am also very happy to work with such people. «