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Bill will usher in the round week on the 10th week, so it is more likely that we see Harva in the triumph in the week after the game of Cincinnati. After that, Bill will also face Jacksonville, Auckland raid, Pittsburgh Steelman and Cleveland Brown.

It is worthy of suspected Harvin’s strength, but & mdash; & mdash; when health & mdash; & mdash; he proves that he has been the most exciting player since 2009 in 2009. Currently 4 wins and 4 losses and the Bier who struggles in the season will be helpful.

Viking’s main coach said that the team will hold three to play four points.It seems that as long as Sam Bradford is kept healthy, Minnesota Weijing does not need to worry about the problem of quadrant.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Bill would generously provide Harvin to provide a $ 1 million contract including a bonus in the next eight games. However, in less than seven months ago, Harva told Bill to plan to retire.

But this is not all of the programs of Viking. Recently, the team head coach Mike Qi Mike Zimmer received an interview with an interview that the team hopes to hold three quarters on the list of 53 people.

Overview: Pony runs to Magong – Mike will absence the next gamePony ran to Mike Marlon Mack, on the Sunday, his right hand palm fracture, he received surgery on Monday and will absent this week. There is currently no exact recovery schedule, but he is likely to absent a few weeks.

Although the giant of this season is poor, Manning and the young outer handle Odell Beckham have still conquered giant fans. McAdu expects to further stimulate the team’s potential, the goal of the new season is natural to return to the season.

Mike hurts in the third section of the game, he walked 14 times before returning, pushed 109 yards, reached once. Instead of Jonathan Williams, Jonathan Williams, pushed 116 yards, including 48 yards to advance.

Grunette said: « To tell the truth, we need to do more. We need to continue to work, can’t stop because of these things. Our offensive group needs to move forward. Last season, we only win 4 games, now there is no reason relax. even opponents have key players missing training, others must work harder. after that the Baltimore Ravens, I hope we can complete this challenge. « 

Griffin is expected to return, or will first borrow a crowRobert Griffin III, in the last week’s game, the current is more optimistic about his injury is much better than expected. Just 2 days later, he rejoin the team’s training. Main Coach Jay Gruden Arranging Griffin to participate in non-confrontational training. This week later, he will accept the inspection, and if you can detect your brain, you can play in the next game.

Haynik is a player, there is currently no NFL regular contest experience, and Ledner is just signed last week, and he is Minnesota locally, and is the only 33-winch in the University of Minnesota. More than 36 players of 36 passes.

Capenik said: « I didn’t feel that I can’t breathe, so I didn’t understand this decision and this`s statement on its official blog. » Relevant persons believe that Tom Sula is in order to adjust the psychological state of Cape Nick, It is also shared in such a season attempted to rebuild. But Capenke believes: « I don’t believe in pressure. For me, I have played a whole season, I have been successful, my psychological stress I have experienced, and I was not an incompetent person. « 

McAdu and the four-dimensional Eli Manning have a good relationship. He is considered to be a young version of « Andy Reid ». Original giants planned to interview Cincinnati hunjati offensive coordinator Hugh – Jackson (Hue Jackson), but the latter decided to join the Cleveland Brown coach in local time on Wednesday. Since Philadelphia eagle is also interested in Mike, the giant decided to finalize this appointment.

Katnik: Decisions do not understand the coachThis week, San Francisco’s 49th coach Jim Tom Sula (Jim Tomsula) decided to be a substitute for the four-dimensional Kaepernick. For this decision, the explanation given by Tom Sula is: « Let him withdraw his step and breathe. » Local time on Friday, Katni said in an interview, did not agree with the instructor.

Giants announced that McAdu became the main coachThe New York Giants determined the head of the head at the local time on Wednesday, and the 38-year-old Ben McAdoo will become a new handsome. In the past two seasons, McAdu as a giant offensive coordinator showed excellent, and trusted in the team. After the team of Tom Coughlin, the team finally decided to dig internal excavation and chose a head coach that was familiar with the team.

Retreating healthy Harva returned to Bill, Bill picks up Sammy Watkins (foot), at least to the 12th week, can return, Greg Salas (Inguinal) is placed in the injury reserve list and Marquise Goodwin has just been resumed from the brain to provide help.