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Ryan SwartvagherRyan Swartvagher
15:28 30 Dec 22
Experienced trainer who knows what he is talking about and who is listening. Very rewarding OHS training.
Midnightinho 62Midnightinho 62
15:25 30 Dec 22
Excellent trainer, very professional. I recommend.
Gail UnknowGail Unknow
09:05 05 Dec 22
Someone very professional, listens! We spend 2 days in the gym but with a lot of extra knowledge! Thanks again to Pietre for his investigation!
Tamara L.BTamara L.B
14:43 22 Sep 22
Great training, by a trainer rich in knowledge !!!Explain with patience and without giving advice.
Solenn JacquartSolenn Jacquart
13:59 13 Sep 22
Very good training.Very interesting trainingVery good trainer
Laurie PruvostLaurie Pruvost
13:58 13 Sep 22
2 rewarding days very useful at work and in personal life.Thanks to Pierre for this transmission of knowledge and know-how
Chris 7EPTChris 7EPT
08:32 06 Sep 22
Training of "Trainer Gestures and Postures" in 3 days carried out in Dijon at the end of August. Pierre is a very good trainer, experienced, pedagogue and who adapts to the characters and life paths of his "students". I highly recommend.

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