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Look at the efficiency, « Iron Man » Bretf Falv’s Effects 4 teams used a 326 game for 20 seasons; « Iron People » Pedon-Manning Effects 2 teams used a 18-season 293 games, efficiency And the words Braddy are also better than two teams like Braddy, maintaining super high winning rates per season, and the regular season will win three games every four games, and the playoff is about ten to win seven terrorism efficiency. No ancient people before, have there any comment? Maybe there may be! Russell Wilson’s career has been about 70%, and if the career is sustainable enough, it is not possible to surpass Braddy.

Even during the training camp during normal time, players are often banned to invite guests to enter the team hotel or dormitory. During the 2016 training camp, the Los Angeles ram had been cut off from the similar resembling DEON LONG.

Pirates and Line Werata La Vi Thai – David has been about 2 yearsIn the row of yachts after winning the super bowl, the Pirate coach Bruce Alius (Lavonte David) was blunt: « You will never leave here. »

In Cody Parkey, the shooting caused the bear team in the 2018 season and it was unemployed, and the position of the bear play was one of the focus. In the next training, 8 people compete and eventually decreased to 3 people, Naji felt dissatisfaction with everyone.

NFL TV Network Reporter Tom Pelissero reported that the reason why the Hawk was cut off this decision because he was found to try a female guest to sneak into the team. This woman also wearing a jersey attempt to disguise into a player.

« No matter what I want, what I think, » Clant Matt Nagy « is said to the media after training. The most common ideas of the bear fans may be in honoring Robbie Gould and is full of resentment for the stupid decision of the bear team.

3 player training in the bear team is poor BrovitzOn June 12th, when the Chicago bears began to train the camp, they had a bad opening in the players in the player position, one of which has been abandoned.

West Fland tries to take guests to enter the team’s behavior violates the regulations, especially in the epidemic. The team hopes that the players can minimize the contact with the outside world, bringing guests into the team, may endanger the entire team.

Haiying New Show Corner Weikemmai – Xfland is cut off due to violation of the teamSeattle Hawks gave up the new Show Kague, Kemah Siverand. Although this is a famous player, but more attention is the reason for the layoff of the Hawks.

This also became reality on Tuesday: According to ESPN, the pirate will be with David for about two years. The total contract salary is $ 25 million, of which 20 million is guaranteed. At this time before, the pirates were taken Cheap Jerseys From China Chris Godwin using a privileged label. Ingenious, Golden also won the « will » of Alius in the row of yachts: « You will not leave ».

Want to surpass me? First take 200 win!Tom Brradi won the 201th of the 244th day of the 39-year-old, the 264th game, and won the 20th victory of the career (including the season), and the historical winner is the first person.

Last year, David completed 117 times, 12 of which caused the opponent lost code, 1.5 times, 1 copy, 6 times destroyed, 3 times forced the ball, 2 times to get the ball. In the playoffs, he contributed 26 clams to the team, 1 time killing.

In the new crown positive virus detection result of close contact with the players or the patient’s players will be placed in the newly created list. The team was not allowed to reveal the player is infected with a virus or just close contacts.

Last season, Jefferson made major contributions toward the Louisiana State University won the national championship. He was expected to fill von Christi – Diggs (Stefon Diggs) left the band left vacant.

The Vikings are not the only players to be placed in a new crown reserve list team. NFL television network correspondent – Tom Perry Thurow (Tom Pelissero) reported that a total of 18 players were placed in the list on Monday, they are: Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Ke Xiaoen show three – Vaughan (Ke & # 39; Shawn Vaughn); San Francisco 49ers external hands odd – James (Richie James); the Miami dolphins players Blake long to open – Ferguson (Blake Ferguson), defensive tackles Benito – Jones (Benito Jones) and cornerback Section De Leiya – 坦克尔斯利 (Cordrea Tankersley); Pittsburgh Steelers defensive 后卫阿里恩 – Springs (Arrion Springs); Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Luke – Baku (Luq Barcoo), defensive tackle up Wen – Hamilton (daVon Hamilton), cornerback Josiah – Scott (Josiah Scott) and the offensive line player Trevor – Wallace Simmons (Tre & # 39; Vour Wallace-Simms); A Chicago Bears running back Tavis – Pierce (Artavis Pierce); outside Indianapolis Colts took Malik – Henry (Malik Henry) and defensive backs Jackson – Porter (Jackson Porter); Buffalo Bills defensive 后卫伊赛亚 – Brown ( Isiah Brown).

Vikings announced in this year’s first-round draft pick to select wide receiver Justin – Jefferson (Justin Jefferson) has been placed in a new crown reserve list. Jefferson was placed in one of four Vikings players on the list, the other three were offensive tackle Blake – Brandell (Blake Brandel), security guard Brian – Cole (Brian Cole) and the offensive line players Taylor – Higbee (Tyler Higby).