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Former Sea Eagle take over: Trading Harva is a win-win decision

At Minnesota Viking and Seattle Hawks, Darrell Bevell, Darrell Bevell, Darrell Bevel, in Minnesota, Minnesotha, Minnesotha. I didn’t play the expected performance when the eagle effect was disappointed.

Sidney Sidney Rice has grown in Vijing and Hawks with Harva, he believes that the Hawks will transfers his front teammate to the New York jet is the correct decision. Rice pointed out that the Alliance has never seen a player like Perth Harva, « he said that he lost such a unique talent star player. But he also agreed with the cheap nfl jerseys from china official website, the former star runs to the view of Ladainian Tomlinson, that is, Bevel is trying to give Hall at the expense of Marshawn Lynch, MARSHAWN LYNCH. The offensive system of Wenwei’s rights lost his identity. « You have to do something to give the ball to him, cheap nfl jerseys from china and these things are difficult, » Rice explained to ESPN. « This takes away the cornerstone of this team’s success, that is, Ma Shaun, Linqi. I want to go back to the right track now. I feel that this is the best decision for Pecy and Haiying. I believe There will be no adverse consequences. « 

This view may be very correct. But the attack characteristics of the previously rushing straight collision is not as easy as it is abandoned to Harva. In the case of the Sino-Wagner-Wagner and the second-line defensive bombing army (Legion Of Boom) did not show the peak strength, the defensive group of Pete Carroll no longer causes fear to the opponent. .

The Hawks finally faced 49 people in Arizona and San Francisco in the 5 games starting at the end of November. They have returned to the superbown in a month.