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Lin Qi continued for about two years, and the red ramp was still annoyed.For Arizona, the players who have never want to face twice a year is probably Marshawn Lynch, and with the renewal of the two years of Lynch, for the Seattle Hawks Since the 2010 season, the most outstanding running guard will write more history. In the past five seasons, in the past five seasons, Linqi is full in 10 games in 10 games. And won the most buzzing code (804 yards), the maximum number of reagent (7 times) also has the most random number (171 times). Since the 2010 season, there have been three running guards that have at least 100 rounds of buses since the 2010 season (the other two is Steven Jackson and Frank Gore), Lin Gore) Size surprising is the highest, reaching 4.7 yards, Lynch also scored during the longest rushing touchdown against the Cardinals this season is 79 yards touchdowns, and 16 touchdowns for that week The red scitch is not very friendly because he jumped into the array area of ​​the crotch.

First of all, there is nothing more important than maintenance of your body and mental health than maintenance, Thomas is right, and it is the most critical part of this process. However, Thomas did agreed a very interesting question, that is, Manzell returns to teammates will feel more reliable. Many reports pointed out that the team is ready to give up this quarter-off.

Wolf said: « My worried is very ordinary. I don’t think we need to avoid yourself involving dangerous situations. If you don’t pay attention to protective measures, you will have a chance to contact new crown viruses. »

Haiying abandoned kickle for playing the ballSunday, the Seattle Hawks almost dominate the game, and finally they completed the 600 yards of the 600 yaw with 35 more victory, the whole game Hawks completed the 600 yards, and successfully grabbed the homeland advantage.

Thomas said again. « I think he may lose his way of his teammates last year. After the first time we have lost his teammates. After the end of the season, I guess he spent a lot of time through his comments on the media and his participation in the alcohol. Reflections on yourself … I think these are really very positive. « 

This kind of life is naturally unable to complete all people, so Rosrisberg went to the barber shop. The problem is that this hairdressing store has not been allowed to open during the current restart stage of Pennsylvania. Therefore, Peizhou Governor Tom Wolf will be dissatisfied with dissatisfaction.

The Hawks opened the score in the fourth quarter, and the three missing players have led to a lot of pressure in the first three defensive groups. After the game, the fans were launched directly on the Internet « The dead Stephen – Hardeva! »

Green was injured in the collision between the fourth end and the steel personality Safety Sanitary Mike Mike Mitchell. At that time, he just received a 17-yard pass, Mitchell collided with him. Then, another steel man defensive player Antovan Brake will put Green, and Green has been unable to protect the ball. The steel team has got the key to the criminal, and the hopes of the Tiger team reversed. This is shattered.

As of the injured leave, Green was spent 6 times, and the 67 yard was promoted. Currently, Green wants to play in the next week with the Indianapolis horses, and of course, everything depends on this week’s recovery.

A.j. Green oscillating, doubt next weekDue to the Pittsburgh Steelman, the Cincinnati Tiger team lost the Crown in the United States of America in the last moment, and this did not finish, their main extension AJ-Green (AJ Green) will be forced to exercise the alliance for the brain Surveying monitoring process.

In an interview with ESPN, Brown offensive cut off, and also the team captain Joe Thomas said that Manzell needs to win new players. In his rookie season, some things quickly disappeared cheap nfl jerseys from china him. « Obviously, there are some uncertain factors in strengthening the sneak, that is why we signed Josh McCown, » Thomas said. « Joh is a person who is asked this year to raise the team flag machine to complete the task. We may pick a quad-guard in the draft, it is possible that the strong Ni will return, he is a newcomer, he re-focused on playing He will progress to a great quarter-saving we want when we pick him in the first round. « 

Brown Old will: last season Manzell lost a lot of trustJohnny Manzie was recently seen in Louisiana and his father, making him think that he has ended the treatment of alcohol. But according to Cleveland media reports, he is still in the course of treatment.