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The general manager of the wild horse informed that Ximeian can feel reliableAccording to the team, John Elway, general manager of Denver Mangma, conducted a pair of Trevor Siemian, Trevor Siemian, told Simi Don’t worry about your position.

The team’s senior people will rarely talk at the beginning of the season, but Elvi and coach Gary Kubiak have long-term relationships. Elvi is a four-point guard, and he has a unique angle as a legend of wild horses. Elvi wants Simiian to clearly know the safety level of his first position and guide him to use any method that can be used, including using his strong arm.

As a hierger, Miller has won the 50th super bowl MVP, contributing a whole wonderful defense and a key manufacturing. He has completed 106 kills, 25 manufacturing, 8 times, 8 times selected for the best lineup, 3 times, 4 times, 4 times.

Miller has always had asthma, and he also carefully taken protective measures before diagnosis, but still infects new crown viruses. The next day after diagnosis, Miller said in the video interview: « This is very, very serious. My work requires that I will keep my body in the best state, my body is also in the best state. If I will infect, any People may infect. « 

New season Cartler or will compete first opportunitiesFor us most, it is very disintegration that the management of He Chicago’s bear team does not crowd their four-point Weijie-Carteller, but at least it is very easy to give him a chance.

However, after the array, Baldwin lost the ball and made a madness of the excretion. In the competition, the referee was clear, and he violated the sport moral foul. The Hawks are also fined 15 yards after the next kick. After Bald Tempell, I was indifferent to myself, and he decided to reveal the meaning of this action and targeted object. Bao De Tong said: « This is something I and someone. »

In the superb bowl, 4 minutes and 54 seconds left in the 3rd quarter, Bald Wenhe Quartel Wilsell Wilson successfully, the former completed 3 yards to win down. This score helped the Hawks established two-digit leading advantages, and they 24-14 leading the opponent New England Patriots.

The Hawie is a fine because of the celebration of the celebration.Seattle Hawie Exterior Trip-Baldwin completed an up to the super bowl, and the celebrations after Deta have trouble. According to Fox Sports Report, Baldwin will be punished by a fine of $ 11,025, which is also the smallest amount in this type of fine.

On the professional football stadium, Bretf Fervet 40-year-old bare joining Viking, ordering the packaging fans love hate; Joan Grunette is a pirate in the 37th Super Bowl to defeat the old people, soon Amburiety.

Wild Horse Wide Vef – Miller Rehabilitation, the latest test resultsOn Thursday night, the wild horse line guard Von Miller released a tweet, indicating that the latest virus test results were negative. This means that Miller has recovered.

However, in 2017, there were many players who returned to their careers in their career or have been working. For example, Jeremy-Krley has just played the name of 49 people, but the new coach Xiaowunahan did not appreciate, and the result returned to the jet of the lepons of the external connections, and she still became absolute strength; For example, the Tiger in the first two rounds of the 2015 election conference, two of the Dadrick Aubhi and Jack-Fisher, leading to the right cut Aude – Smith failed to renew, the next season joined Viking But the bad performance is also fried squid by Viking. When he is most needed, the old Dong Tiger lends a helping hand. Today’s 30-year-old Smith can still take the right cut right at the time of the teammates. Let’s talk about the story of « Feng Net » this week:

[A version of the column] The story of Feng Hui nest: May you return, still a teenagerOccupational sports often say a word: « Business is business », translated into Chinese is not so translated & mdash; & mdash; « Stadium, Mall ». Friends who pay attention to sports have been seen in the last half of the news: On the NBA Stadium, Danny Anji, General Manager of Celtics, in order to get Kaili Owen, use the talented team to bring the team in the East finals in the last season « The strongest surface of the surface is 175 » small Isaiaha-Thomas sent Cleveland as a chip; this summer « big Paris » is introduced by « Brazilian gold children » Nemar, Nemaar not only does not reluctantly for the old people, but also Take the other party to the court.

The above, revealing the essence of professional sports is « business », not « human condition ». Second, the relationship between professional players and old people is often very subtle, let alone future can return to the parent team, such as Nauro’s stream recently being sent out of the future to join Real Madrid, Barceloni fans may be in Nema, forever It will only be « enemy ».