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Although Wilson’s passed forward, the team attacked in the first game, and Pete Caroll recently expressed the hope of strengthening the squash attack in the future game. In the first game, the Haiye only completed 20 shots, three of which were completed by Wilson. The Hawks Runs completed a total of 16 shocks to advance 43 yards to get 1 time. Although Carol attaches great importance to the attack philosophy of the ball, it is clear that if the squash attack can make progress, it is obviously able to reduce the pressure on Wilson ‘s

« It’s a great thing that can be more than personal, » Baxley said, « Even if the team is not good, it only proves that they have been very difficult. But I feel that success is not difficult to achieve, they A lot of young talents have brought new offensive coordinators. Even if only one game is only winning, I can’t ignore the previous hard work & hellip; & hellip; part of it is very special. « 

Herni is also an old colleague of Ron Ron Rivra, and he has served as a general manager in the Black Panther. In December of this year, the black panther will dismiss it, partly because his « old » style is contrary to the concept of David Termati (David Tepper). Typer hopes to find a style of modern, more focused on data analysis.

Buckley weighs 106 kg on the body test, and partially has a question about his body. It also completed 29 225 lb bursts, with the Nick Chubb, Georgia University, and the first. Last year, the Samaje Perine completed 30 bursts, and other running guards were more than 24 times.

49 people are expected to sign the elderly to pull the deth – Jordan

NFL TV reporter Ian Rapoport reported that 49 people are expected to sign Dion Jordan. Jordan is the front first round show, after being swept away by the dolphins, he joined the Sea Eagle two seasons, and re-played a good performance to win his reputation. He appeared 7 times for the raid in the 2019 season.

69-year-old patriot coach Bill Bell Belichick and 68-year-old Haiying coach Pitt – Carolue is the longest two coach in the alliance. When the competition is carried out, the age of the two will reach 137 years and 162, which will be the older coach documented in Nfl Jerseys history. Although Belipk’s winners and honors are much more than Carol, in addition to the superb bowl victory, Belipk’s two regular games in Carols during the concerted patriot. 1 win 2 Negative Belipk’s worst record (at least 3 times) in the face of the opponent’s coach (3 times). In the course period, the Belipk and the coach team successfully created a new tactical system for the four-dimensional Navadton, which was newly added. Although it is quite attacked by the outside world, Carol is still led to the Hawks to play a very stable performance. How do two palaysses will develop tactics when they meet again? Command the players in the game?

O’Connell and Stereley have served as the new offense and defensive coordinator of the ram, respectively.

After the two coordinators in less than one week, Los Angeles ran quickly adjusted the coach group.

The ram decided to renew the Wade Phillips Wade Phillips (Wade Phillips) for the team’s three seasons. John Fassel, who worked for many years of the team for many years, is expected to be added to Dallas Cowbi. Previously, the ram did not attack coordinators, but Latvot reported that McDene « is not enough ».

I mentioned it before, I have been China, that is still in 2009, I have temporarily closed, so I will help my church to complete the task. So I stayed in Hong Kong for two years, and I worked with people there, I naturally learned their language. My Cantonese is very good, and Mandarin is also very confident. Therefore, NFL China people also feel that I am so tall and strong, and I will have a very good effect with the mother tongue and them with them.

Although Tom Brady left the patriot during the offset season, he succeeded that he served as a patriot’s first quarter-saving Cam-Newton (Cam Newton) did not let this quarter of the four-point guards decrease. In the first game in the season, the brigrant made a new tactical system made by Newton made him lively. He has successfully achieved 155 yards 15 times in the game 15 times, and 75 yards were taken for 2 times. The 75 yard is the maximum number of squash codes obtained by the Patriot Team History. Different from Newton, it depends on the threat of the legs. The Haiying quartz Wilson has revealed excellent passage in the first battle against the Arrange Falcon, 35 passes 31 successfully achieved 322 yards. 4 times, the success rate of passing the ball reached 88.6%, and the quarterfielding points reached 143.1. What is the performance of the two quarter guards in this game in the first battle in the season?

The 37-year-old Steley has experienced the experience of crossing outside the guards in NFL, which is the assistant of Vic Fangio. He first joined the Chicago bears, then followed by the later people to join Denver. Streeley has been approved in 15 years, but it has been coached at the university.