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Lindchi store products give huge suggestions will fight for raidsRecently, the return of Ma Shawn Lynch has ended an endlessness, and whether he will return to the Auckland raid to help the Auckland raid, at least this week, he visited the raid.

The total income of cowboy (the number after returning the stadium loans) The full league is the highest, reaching $ 560 million, while the operating income reached 246 million US dollars. This figure far exceeds the second New England Patriot, the latter is $ 2.6 billion, with a total income of $ 428 million, and the operating income is $ 14.7 billion. But the patriot has achieved maximum growth, and it has increased by 44% compared to last year. Cowboy increased by 39%.

The NFL team has an average value of $ 1.43 billion, which is the highest number since the Forbes ranked for professional rugby. This value increased by 23% last year, this is the biggest single year increase since 1999. In the 2013 season, the average total revenue of the Nfl Jerseys team reached 299 million US dollars, and the operating income was also set up to $ 53 million. Each team gets a record of $ 170 million in a record, mainly from the league TV broadcast and authorization fees.

The proximal edue Kalayb – Wilson became a draft « None of the Mr. »Beijing April 28, when Caleb Wilson is watching a draft on Saturday afternoon, the concept of « None of the Tight Misti » is beginning to explain the concept of « None of the Tight Mistai », which is the last selected player in the election.

Lightning Run Wei Melwen – Gordon determined this week’s gameBeijing December 21, the lightning main coach Anthony-Lyny Lynn was clearly incorrect, and Melvin Gordon would fight the game on Saturday night against the crow.

Gordon participated in the full training on Tuesday. But I still don’t know how much the opportunity he will get. Lynn’s latter half sentence proves that lightning may reduce Gordon’s workload, continue to make new Xiu Justin Jackson share some tasks.

Wild Hemoching Hand Feng – Miller disappointing team once again no one gameAfter getting a super bowl of champions, the Denver Morn Horse once again missed the playoffs and didn’t know how they could renovate brilliant.

Forbes team value list announced the top 8 consecutive yearsAccording to the rankings of « Forbes » magazine, Dallas Cowbi is the first US Sports Club worth more than $ 3 billion. This is the first of the 32nd team of the team’s eighth year of the team’s eighth year. They worth $ 3.2 billion, only to Royal Madrid’s $ 3.4 billion worldwide.

This is the first season of Vic Fangio’s coaching wild horses. He is the third wild horse coach in the past 4 years. DREW LOCK has shown potential at the end of the season, but he is the third first quarter of the team this season. Mustang has been looking for candidates that can stably serve as the main force.

Washington Red Leather ($ 2.4 billion) ranked third, the New York Giants ($ 2.1 billion) were ranked fourth in compared with the increase of 41% last year. The bottom of the list is Buffalo, worth $ 935 million, and after the death of Ralph Wilson, the team is looking for the next home, and the other foot base is worth 930 million. The dollar of St. Louis ram. However, the value of each team has increased, and minimal growth is 4% of Arizona.

Multi-Bill defensive group players accused Beckham Boxing in the game and have violations of sports morality. But Beckham has no concerns. « I don’t worry, » Beckham said. « Control my emotions is not what I am worried. »

« I don’t know how we will get this point, » the wild horse rushing to Feng-Miller « said. « It is very difficult to achieve it now. 30 years old, no matter what problems encountered, it is still uncomfortable to succeed. »

Lynch’s website, the beast mode online sales website has 4 new products, interesting is that they all use black silver color, which is also the colors of the raid, and two of them have black helmets on top.

« And (defensive guard) Chris Harris, together to fight with the side of the past, facing the performance of the past two seasons, especially in view of our standards, » Miller said. « We entered the playoff game for five consecutive years. I know that I said, I am not just a game, but it is very uncomfortable. »

« We have tried all methods under the game, » Miller said. « We tried all different coaches, all different players. I really don’t know what happened. If I know that I will be the first person who makes everything better. »

Although Beckham is not worried, considering that it is his second season, he should pay attention to his reputation. He has been famous because of his ability to complete the attack, but he will not be considered a moving dirty player.

Miller is the core member of the year to help the wild horse to win the championship. But after that, the wild horses were absent from the playoffs for more than four consecutive seasons, only one season winning rate exceeded 50%, which failed to ensure that they could not have more than half a consecutive season.