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Roster Bonus: The given date will stay in the team’s big list. Unless it is completely guaranteed, the big list bonus will only occupy the pay space of the given season. This avoids the allocation and death of the contract bonus.

The current question is whether the Pony believes that Rivers or any other quarter-saving can be upgraded. If they decide not to introduce new quarter-off, at least the Brieris can be supported by the team defensive group leaders.

In the game of the Washington football team, the Sea Eagle abandoned Michael Dickson, and all of his 4 times and kicked into the opponent 20 yards. Within the line, averaged 50.8 yards every time. Such a performance made him become the best special team player in the National United Know.

« No, why do I have to do such a thing? No, » Le Nad is asked if it is considered Trusters. « I believe in Jacobi. Jacob is a quite excellent quarter-off. He demonstrated this when everyone was healthy at the beginning of the season. You can look at any quarter-saving, if your external connections are hurt, you The data will certainly drop. But when everyone is healthy, he has achieved 5 wins and 2 losses. You can look at any other quarter-saving. For example, I took Tom Brady, at last season, he Without (Rob Gronkowski), he did not have a big name, so his data fell. So, many people did not give (Brids) real strength to give enough praise, they I only saw his data at the end of the season, but they didn’t see the data when he was a healthy person. I feel that cheap nfl jerseys has no respect to him enough respect. « 

In the training, Hill suffered a hit from the corner of Bashaud Breland, Bridide was just to destroy the ball, and there was no malicious. After that, Hill looked at the foot and was trained from the medical vehicle.

The Lightning Team’s management group announced that the team’s venue contract will continue until the next year, and wait for the facilities of San Diego to build a stadium. The team boss said the team will complete the 14th year of work in San Diego, and the new stadium will be built in San Diego in 2015.

Lightning Diagonally, Joe Barksdale (Foot) is doubt, absent this week all training. Run Wendon (Foot) and Defense Pathfinder Corey Ligets cannot determine possible, but participate in full training on Friday.

Allen played the appearance performance in the game of Buffalo, 48-19, and got a total of 4 times, and therefore became the best offensive player in Mei Week. Allen passed the 359 yards 2 times, and the mushroom got 33 yards and 2 times. Bill has won the Meidian East District champion since the 1995 season.

The small horse was hit by a series of injuries in the offensive group, including the extraction of Ty Hilton. The close-up of Eric Eric Eric Eric is absent 5 games, running toward Marlon – Maclon Mack is absent 2 games. Brilies is also affected by knee injury.

Lightning kicks, N Novak will play this week.

According to ESPN reporters, Field Yates reported that lightning this week I tried to kick the Panpan (Andrew Franks) and Jason Myers. . The Poplockey has served as a lightning, but the hit rate is only 50% (3-6).

Murray led Arizona’s Red Shot with a 33-26 defending fee. He completed 27 passes in the competition, and the transfer rate of passing the ball reached 75%, and the 406-yard of his career was achieved 3 times. There was a pass of the ball was copied, and the squat was taken from 29 yards. The performance of the 4 times of Daren became the best offensive player in China.

Denpawan Pirates Second-Year Line Wen White rely on helping the team 31-27 defending Atlanta Falcon’s performance becoming the best defensive player in China. He won 12 times, 4 times, causing the number of damage to the code, 3 killing and twice to destroy the ball.

Base Salry: The amount obtained for the player in the regular season. The labor agreement sets the minimum basic salary. Always say « Game Check » is 1/17 of the player’s basic salary. If a player was banned, cheap Jerseys he lost his 1/17 basic salary.

When the passenger podcast show, Lylnad said that he did not even consider the possibility of Rivers joined the pony. He believed that the current first quarter-free Jacob is more than the Jacoby Brissett. Breakfast in the last season. It is better than that of most people think.

The discard kicks of the Kansas City chieftain are not famous, but he can also play well when needed. After defeating the Saint of the New Orleans 32-29, abandoned Tommy Townsend became the Best Technical Group player of Mei Week. Tomson demonstrated the entrance position of the saints in this game, 3 times, forcing the saints to start attack within 20 yards in this party. Thomson depened 6 times in the game, and the farthest kicked out 61 yards.

Indiana Polis Pony defensive Pad Deforest Buckner dedicated to the team’s 27-20 defending the Houston Texas people. He obtained 3 kills, 4 times and once forcing the ball to help the pony gain a key partitioned civil war victory. He is therefore the best defensive player in Mei Week.