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« It’s quite crazy experience, » Herbert talked about the face of Mario Tower. « I looked at Musus grew up. He used to be my favorite player. I know the Oregon University. I can tell him in the game, I can see that he is really great. This It is everything I want. « 

At the same time, the lion needs to carefully consider both parties before deciding to renew. Natta ratio is effective in the defensive cututs of the lions to be heavy and may have different positional skills.

According to ESPN statistics, since the 2013 season, the team’s external connections have become a pass target in the Red District, only 34 passed, Topsearch24H.Com 23 times, and the two data are at the bottom of the league. And Charles has 46 goals, 38 battles, get 15 reaches. Although the chief has enough scales, the external handle of Macilllin is still hoping to end this embarrassment this week.

The emirate is taken in hand to complete the reachable, but also to the 2013 season. On December 29th, the chief of the chief of the San Diego lightning, is registered as an running guard, but the DEXTER MCCLUSTER, which is a DEXTER McCluster, completes 2 yards. On the other hand, although the outer junction cannot be completed, the team still has enough score. In the last week’s competition, the close-edge Tel Avis Kelce and the Jammal Charles were completed 3 games.

Lightning quartz Webbert: Facing idol Marioa is a crazy experienceWhen Eugene in Oregon, Justin Herbert is very understanding of the 2014 Haysmann winner Marcus Mariota. Nowadays, the two-digit Oregon University four-defense handed over on Thursday night.

Mario Tag was first got an opportunity for the first time in this season because of the first quadruplicate Derek Carr. After he got on the game, he quickly led the Las Vegas raid to complete the attack.

After graduating from high school, Watt joined the University of China, where he hit the near-end. Later, the coach suggested that he changed the attack, and Watn refused this suggestion, and he chose to Wisconsin University to become a spappeaker. It is here that Watt began to contact the defensive end. His two brothers, Derk and TJ have also been in the University of Wisconsin.

« When we open the free player market, we think this is possible, » Nata said to the media. « This did not make me feel accidents, but this is indeed surprisingly a lot of my family and friends. But since we did not approach to reach any contractual consensus, I understand that many things may happen. I really began to realize that the transaction is possible. »

New England Patriots: Weidong line tower – Hai Tawa (Dont & # 39; a Hightower), fullback Dan – Sebastian Vettel (Dan Vitale), running back Brandon – Boden (Brandon Bolden), a member of the offensive line is satisfied Kat – Toland (Najee Toran)

During the University of Wisconsin, JJ-Watt was reddish in the 2008 season (due to special reasons, not allowed to be allowed), but he was selected as the best player of the school preparatory team. In the 2009 season, Watt as a defensive end of the front, the whole season data is 32 single-person, 12 combination, 4.5 kills, 15.5 times cause the other party to lose, 5 times destroyed. Wats received a number of honors including the first team of the United States, the first team of the United States, the team MVP, including the first team, the team MVP, including the first team of the BIG TEN.

Herbert’s 32 shots were successfully obtained for 22 times, and the 314 yards were successfully achieved, and the 4-time mushroom was completed and 14 yards were completed. This is his seventh pass through the seventh season. This is a new show of 300 yards of the number of 300 yards in the NFL history. In this competition, his pass reached the number of times reached 27 times, and the number of times the rookie four-point gardened single season passed. Before this game, Herbert is already only the 5th field this season to reach 275 yards, and a total of 25 reached a total of less than 10 times.

2020 season so far opted out of the players listAccording to the collective bargaining agreement after the NFL and the NFL players union to modify the provisions, during the epidemic players you can choose not to participate in the new season competition.

Natural selection JJ-WattJJ-Watt, full name Justin James Watt, is now effective in the NFL Houston Texas, and the destiny of the destiny. JJ-Watth University is effective in the University of Wisconsin, the first round of the first round of the 2011 election, was selected by Houston Texas.

In 2011, JJ-Watt was selected by Houston Texas in the first round of the first round. In the five-year career, JJ-Watt won the best defensive players in the alliance. Although the main position is the defensive end, Watt occasionally passenger strings to defensive. In recent years, Wat also tried to play its own energy in the offensive group, and won three passes of 3 passes in the 2014 season. In the 2014 season, Watt became the first two seasons in the history of NFL. At the same time, he also maintained a record of Texas’ s history and creation.