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Kelly coach makes the Philadelphia seller very tangled

If you wear the Philadelphia eagle, it is in the top of Jeremy Maclin, Le Shien McCoy or Nick Foles, then you can only say that you can’t catch up. The trend is.

As far as the head of the coach, Chip Kelly, cheap nfl jerseys the team store began to tangle how to order a new jersey.

Recently, the eagle jersey subscribers received an interview: « I don’t know what Kelly wants. I am helpless in our store. Unless I can determine that Kelly comes back today, the player brought back today is after summer. People on the court. « 

Who would like to put heavy gold on the jersey of Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) and then found that he was traded to Tennesi Toyitan, or bought the jersey of Demarco Murray, found Kelly McCay is back?

So saving money is still waiting, waiting until September 10th, cheap jerseys start buying your favorite jersey.