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Sea Eagle takes over Bao De Tong: I will challenge RewisOn the media day held on Tuesday on Tuesday, the Seattle Eagle Name External Terrace – Baldwin revealed in the interview, they have made it a good job in the new England Patriots Corner combination Durrer Revis ( Darrelle Revis is prepared by Brandon – Brandon Browner.

This year, Walsh, Walsh, signed a four-year contract, of which the guarantee reached 5.25 million US dollars, which is a small contract for playing the game, and also shows that Viking Management The layer has a great hope for the genius shooter who is selected in the elected professional bowl.

Tampa Bay Pirate Stroke: Haiying players spit on meTampa Bay pirates have passed, but the pirates of the central Joe-Holley (Joe Hawley) said that there was a sea-eagle player to spit water on his face.

External taken A.j. Green is willing to fulfill the last year contractWhen several NFL levels, they seek new contracts in the last few hours before the respective privileged label contracts, and Cincinnati will take over A.j. Green (A.j. Green) will easily become a bystander.

« I think NFL is well done very well in ensuring the safety of players. I want to avoid my mind’s mind. They are doing very well. If you show any signs of brain oscillating or have They will not let you continue to play. « 

Michael Vick has expressed its affirmation of the attitude of the alliance. He believes that during his career (starting with 2001, the NFL is sincere and sincere and sincere, and they have done a lot of things to ensure the safety of the player.

However, in addition to Brines, Green is the most critical player for the team’s long-term success, which makes people surprised that the Tiger has not tried the new contract negotiation. Maybe this is Green’s idea, maybe not.

Vik used to have a 6-game competition due to the eruption of the eagle in 2012. One day before he published the above remarks, Jerome Bettis also said that the players felt were deceived by NFL in their minds.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport quoted a message that Green Tripteed report that the Green will fulfill its last year. The fifth year of the Green New Show Contract value is US $ 10.1 million.

Baldwin said: « I am very excited about the confidence. They are all one of the best corners of the league. For me, this is a challenge, I want to do better. Brownner may be the body in the affiliate The best condition of the condition, Rewick has been calm and can always make the right judgment. I will seize this opportunity to prove my strength. « 

The sauce is not alone in the season, and the first four-point Wei Kakans-Palmer is reimbursed in the left knee injury season. This week’s Thursday night, the No. 2 quadranton was injured again. The team had to temporarily use Ryan Lindley to act as a quarter-saving. There is a message shows that Stanon will take at least 1 week.

Baldwin reveals that it is not easy to challenge Rewis, but he is ready to prepare for him. Baldway said: « I am going to go to & lsquo; Rewis Island & Rsquo; I have a good vacation, I have prepared sunscreen, umbrellas and hats. I will see if there is anything I can do, after the game Will tell you my feelings. « 

It is difficult to say that Green is handling contract issues with the wrong way with the correct way to handle contract issues and Demaryius Thomas. Each of cheap Nfl jerseys is unique, and each team has a different view for its own value.

On Thursday evening, Holly accepted the radio interview to reveal this matter, but he did not point out the name of the other party, but from the number of numbers he gave, it was very likely to be a rhetoric defensive cut: JARRAN REED.

The red ramp old will ridicule quiz question: let Warner comeKurt Warner has retired for 5 years, but when Arizona’s Red Tit appears four-point guard, people still couldn’t help but remember the four-point guard of the name of the famous Hall. Even if it is just out of ridicule, it is difficult to cover Warner’s position in the heart of the squad. Red scitch defensive end Darnell – Darnell Dockett shouted in Warner this week, ridiculed Hua, who can return to the four-point guards who serve as the team.

Warner responded to Dukot’s petition on the twitter: « You are simply to be a life, don’t make a joke! » If I think I have the ability, I will not help! « Just kidding, red tick I really need to consider their quadrant. Although it has been determined to rank among the playoffs, the competition is not over, and their opponents next week is Seattle Hawks.

Considering that Green has always publicly expressed the contradictory attitude towards a new contract, this is not surprising. Last week, he said: « I don’t want to do », I want to contract & rsquo; this thing. I am here to not yet for money. I am not done. So I can wait until the end of the season, I will get a contract again. But I know that this is coming. « 

In the dressing room after the game, Walsh worn, in the head, with a hat, deeply sucking a sigh of relief, and then turned to the reporters who had already gathered around him, opening: « Okay, Start it. « It’s like talking to the reporters that it is self-speaking. Walsh said after studying the video recording, he thought he thought that his technical defect was able to solve it, he said: « I can’t get accurately aiming at a point, usually if I can play which point, I will kick Throw, this is where I need to correct and improve. «