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Whether it is an excuse, the patriot is currently $ 2.8.5 million redundant salary space, which is the seventh of NFL. The team defensive group is seriously damaged due to the selection of several players, and Newton replaces Tom Brady’s back team attack group efficiency has also fallen sharply.

This week Bal’s Mosa will challenge the Indianapolis horses. Talking about opponents, Wayne evaluation is very high: « He is 35 years old, but he has never been able to do it before. I hope we can perform well in the game. »

The Patriot Coach Bill Bell Belichick recently said that the wage-inhae is one of the factors that the team has a poor performance. When I was interview on Monday, Bailechik called himself to mention the salary factor and did not find an excuse, but a pure statement.

Deshaun Watson is required to be traded by the team before, indicating that the Dezhou people « do not have a real basis » need to « change the whole culture ». However, Texas currently does not intend to trader Watson.

Patriot coach: In the past, the salary space in the past was exchanged for 3 super bowls.The new England patriots will be the worst since 2000, after the four-game losing, they only rank the third in the United States of China.

Achi Manning also took out the SMS to support himself. « It is Gous to contact, » Achi Manning said. He said, & lsquo;, 18, Tannesell injured, & rsquo; he said, & lsquo; I think he will absent a while. I got the first question in the morning press conference will be I will Bring you to Miami. Do you want me to answer them? & Rsquo;

According to reports, Lutz does not agree with the idea of advancement of Texas Club, especially the concept of Jack Easterby, which is implemented by Vice President. During the employment of the new general manager, Luz’s opinion has not been paid.

« You lost like Heili and Kyle, Elanton, these players … Now Bentley is really the person who guides young players, » Mei said. « I think he has shown great leader, which has controlled gathering and all such things. I look forward to seeing this growth in the future. Obviously, we have not worn wearing armor training. Now There is no 100 degrees (about 38 degrees Celsius) in the summer, and you are already tired in outdoor training. But I look forward to seeing him to continue to grow in this difficult situation. His communication person in the second floor defense line And the role of mentoring for young players is also important. « 

This is the father of Manning, Achi-Manning. He said that the media said the Miami Dolphin Damo-Gas Gase (in 2013 to 2014 at Denver Wild Horse, the Coordinator) in the Dolphin Standard, Ryan Tannehill, due to knee injury season After the reimbursement, Pedon was contacted.

Wayne has now completely get rid of the influence of the former cross-ligament injury injury in the last season, according to the current data, we will expect 92 batches, 1228 yards, 4 times, 4 times. Amazing performance. If he can achieve this data, he will become a 56-year-old player of the 4th single season. Previously, Jerry Rice was completed in 98 years, 01, 2002, and Jimmy Smith and Joey Galloway completed in 2005 and 2007 respectively. This.

The patriot has also influenced their performance this year in recent years. In order to solve the problem of wage, most teams relies on an important role in the outstanding young players still in the rookie contract. Belipk is unpredictable in the vast videos to make the patriotic difficult to do this. Patriot this year has to enable young players on both ends of the attack and defense, and the results are not ideal.

Piteson once a single season, but the Chris Johnson, which was also completed, but could not partner with him. ESPN reporter reported that the red scitch will be tone with Johnson, and it is also reasonable to contact Johnson, contact him before the game.

Before the choice of Haita, the Patriot Defensive Group has been considered to retreat, and his decision further exacerbates the decline in the strength of the defensive group. The patriot now needs to rely on the young player like this Tri-Tel go to Economickey play a key role in the defensive group.

Belipk was asked in view of the super bowl champion in Braddy Times, he thought that the wage problem would be resolved at some time in the future. The Alliance Policy is the alliance policy. This will not change, « he said.

The third-grade line gawn-Bentley (Ja & # 39; Whaun Bentley) will become a key player in the new season. The first five-year show players from Putu University played 3 games in the rookie season, followed by reimbursement of the chest injury season. Last season, he was only playing 254 defensive in 16 games. During the third week, he won the 38-file appearance time due to the absence of Haita, which is the most season.

Patriot Coach: Line Weapon Bentley will play more important roles in the new seasonWith Kyle Van Noy, Jamie Collins and Elandon Roberts, East Tower – Heili (Dont & # 39; a hightower) With the season, the new England patriots losses the position of the guard.