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US Time Monday, Crow, John Harbaugh, John Harbaugh, said: « If he wants to come back, we will welcome, you will definitely hope that you can have every best player, but I don’t want to say this. If you have a unparalleled career, we are proud of his success, there are still many points this year. « 

In order to fill the big list vacancies, pony will joze Josh Ferguson Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China training lineup. Ferguson played all 16 regular seasons last season, but this year’s training camp failed to enter the last big list.

The interpretation of the defensive system is reasonable. If the pirate coaches believe that Su can perform better, they certainly make a correct decision. But in any case, people will compare the performance of McCay and Su.

Kobo learns to express excitementRandall Cobb defeated Washington Hongpi after the outer card, said that the briquette is familiar with a « famous ». On the way back to the locker room, excited Kobo shouted the red skin four-point Weak – Kirk Cousins, who has become a Corson’s speech. A word.

Selamler has 7 weeks, there is a tumor on the foot, and the doctor has to remove the legs after 2 weeks of his birth. Since then, Sherman has become part of his child. You have to know that the neitosis is very annoying in this past, and his family thinks this approach. It turns out that this is a good way, the child likes Shelman, he fell in love with the feeling of prosthesis.

Bill O’Brien is not worried about the teamTexas people have unveiled the battle of the Sea Tiger’s season, and the left side of the trown, which is unsatisfactory, the contract is not satisfied with the contract, still does not appear on the training ground.

In addition to the lack of 2 games, Smith has advanced 516 yards and 3 reacons. Such data is completed in 8 games, that is, if there is no injury, he is likely to reach 1000 at the end of the season. The data of the code.

However, Bill O & Rsquo; Brien is not anxious, he said: « I feel that the current cutoff is very good. Dunn hasn’t come for a long time, I think everyone knows how I think I think He is doing the best thing he thinks of himself, and I need to coach here to train, the current 53 people ‘s list is very good. « 

Pirate coach: cutting Macquas because of its discomfortBeijing June 4th, Tampawan pirates, before cutting the salary reached 13 million US dollars defending, Gerard McKay, Gerald McCoy, followed by the low salary, NDAMUKONG SUH ). So why do they do this?

« It is not suitable, » Team coach Bruce – Alianz (Bruce Aria) said in an ESPN interview. « There is only an economical reason, and there is also the reason for the performance. He is no longer suitable. I and some great players have experienced such a thing many times. When there is one time, when the team will be separated from them. In the past, Frank Harris was cut off by Pittsburgh steel people. Such a history is too long. « 

« He has never missed the competition, rarely missed training, » Aliis said. « He played very much in the way I like, and his comprehensiveness on the defensive front line can better adapt to our tri-stroke system. »