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« He is an excellent football player, is unfoubted is also the leader of the defensive group. His influence is more far-reaching, » Jason Garrett, « Jason Garrett, » He completed numerous excellent performance, let People around him also become better together. But the injury is part of the game. If he can go to the field, we will definitely let him play, but if not, the player is changing, but to ensure normal operation. « 

In this game, Carterler 38 passed 26, complete 381 yards and a reachable, eventually led the team with a 27-1 13, now the total record of the bear team returned to 3 wins and 3 wins, and the Falcon’s record is 2 wins 4 negative.

Carter Left hand passed down the refereeIn the game ended on October 13, there were many beautiful tactics in the Chicago bear and Atlanta, but the most memorable or the first day, this should be the bear on the right hand. Team quartz-SME – Carteller tried to pass on the left hand to Matt Forte, but hit the referee.

Cowboy offers Shuen – Can Li’s play?Deni Line Swan Lee Nou did not participate in Friday training, and the denim injury report will be told as a condition. The defensive tactical organizer and the second player in the team were injured in the nearby nights, absent the whole week training.

AJ-Green this season 4 games, each game number is above 80 yards, the average code is as high as 18 yards. If Green is unable to go on, the second hand, Mohamed Sanu will continue to take the responsibility of the outer number of the number one, and he performs well in the sixth week against the Black Leopard.

The renewal negotiations of both parties last for months. The team hopes to ensure that he can leave a group before entering the free player market next year. Caser’s broker Dru Roshaus, told Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China‘s official website, Ian Rapople, said this is a contract worth $ 36 million in 4 years, guaranteed to $ 20.5 million. According to the number given by the broker, this contract makes Kathy become the highest player of Titan’s salary. His security income is also the highest team.

The defensive cutout played a professional bowl last season and won 10.5 times and 55 times. As a powerful player who is not attractive, Casei is the epitome of the Titan defensive group that was underestimated in 2013. When Titan converted to the defensive coordinator Rei – Horton, the performance of Kathy is worthy of attention, and he will play a key role in the defensive.

The wild horse is currently in this position in this position in this position in this position in this position in this position in the case of Matt Prater. McMarus lost to the group of Josh Brown in the competition of the giant player, but this rookie in the preseason, the performance of the 46 yards and 47 yards, the performance of the giants impressed . According to the New York Times report, he has lived in the training of 75 码.

McMarnus also built trees & mdash; & mdash; Touchback & mdash; & mdash; and experience in the preseason; Such multiple sex is that many people think that the eagle that needs to play the ball may pursue one reason, and the wild horse management may know this, and then feel that the trading is urgently needed to replace the Plat.

Get the lead in the wild horse trading to get the giant to discard the playerDenver Wom Horse Time Tuesday announced that the team has reached a transaction with the New York giant, and the wild horse will get a giant’s decline to play the Brandon McManus. Subsequently, wild horses announced to give up the kicker Miqi – Ewad (MITCH EWALD). McMarinas was originally considered to be abandoned by the giants. I didn’t want to lose his honey in the bidding player (Waiver Wire) with a qualified seven-round sign to get the player from Temple University.

According to the news of the Tiger official website, Green absents the team training of this Friday and is marked by the team as « in question », which is not in the jackson position of the offensive coordinator – Jackson (hue jackson) good news.

AJ-Green toe injury has not yore this week AJ-Green (AJGREEN) has been injured in injuries this season, and he has been absent from the sixth week and seventh week, and the two games have been negated in the two games. It is a three-wheeled game that is in the fifth week of defeated the patriots. It was a big problem in Xiao Ma Zhuang, and the team was currently in a big problem. They urgently need AJ-Green’s backup.

« We are very excited to renew the renewal agreement with the Julier, » Ruston Webster « is represented in the statement. « This is the performance and work attitude of Julier relying on its own field. We appreciate the professional spirit of Julier in the process and hope to have a wonderful future. »