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The fourth quarter Lak shows that he has become a potential of great quadrants, led the team to start recalling under powerful pressures. First, when the game is still 10 minutes, Manning passed the Montee Ball to complete 3 yards. After Lak launched a personal performance time, first complete the 41-yard ultra-long pass to Dwayne Allen score close to 2 reached gaps, then the Pony-Tech group completed gambling and grabbing the ball Lake all the way, and completed a 4-speed conversion, passed the ball Hakeem Nicks completed the Detailed, after Maning played an extraordinary 3 times failed to abandon the kick, Ruck once again dominated the attack hope Flat, but the last 4-speed transformation failed to fune up the hope.

Week 16 Sunday Night Game @ Giants VikingsWith the Saturday night race, country east Redskins civil war came to an end and the Hawks game, the Redskins won the country’s first name East basically settled. The New York Giants this season one of the teams participating in last week’s game night was not so happy, except for the Vikings this week, next week’s opponents but also against rival Hawks, it has basically no hope of the playoffs, Olympics in the myth it has been terminated.

The red tones revealed to the media that the number of codes currently passing the ball in non-power is only 10 yards to 15 yards. Fortunately, this week’s Red Rhizo has no competition, which will be the Parmer’s breath.

The second section can be said to be Manning time, less than 1 minute, Manning passed the ball Zhu Lis-Thomas, the wild horses lead 10 more than 0, then the horses attacked fruitless, the ball back On the hand of the wild horse, this time, Thomas and Manning completed the contact, a 35-yard remote transmission reached the completion, the division is 17 to 0, and the game is still 2 minutes, Manning completed a 40 yard Passing, Thomas completed 3 yards pass to reach, score to 21 points. The last 20 seconds of the competition, the pony relied on the four-point guardian andrew Luck, and the 9-yard ball reached the ball, which was slightly close to a bit.

Glaham said: « Everyone has a lot of things. There have been a lot of things last season, but these have passed. I know what kind of players I am, and I know that my ability is still. I can run, I will prove Those people misses my ability. « 

If Peterson can restore in time, he will become the most obvious candidate of Viking from the injury reserves. Under the new regulations, the team does not have to specify which player can return when playing the player in the injury reserve list. Peterson can come back in the game of Arizona, but most people think that he has to lack a few weeks.

6 wins and 8 losses of the New York Giants have basically bid farewell to the playoffs this season, the Olympic year of magical spell finally in the third draw to an end, which lost five games in four games but losing basic are guaranteed within a touchdown late fatigue is a giant greatest weakness. But the last game unbeaten record at home in almost the end of the Panthers, but also to the fans see that often staged a miracle in the fourth quarter of Eli – Manning (Eli Manning). Scored 245 yards and 4 touchdowns him, including three touchdowns occurred in the second half of the third quarter to the fourth quarter about to end, the big heart in the regular season of Eli also has such a beautiful play. Outside the main take over Ao Daier – David Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) last game because of their irrational behavior, the game will be suspended for one game. The face of tough confrontation and constant winds of trash talking, Beckham compression capability still need to continue to upgrade. 2015 season coming to an end, the final say, the giant goodbye.

Cheap nfl jerseys From China official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Piteson had an opportunity to return to Viking in the playoffs. In the first two weeks, Peterson got 50 yards & mdash; & mdash; it was obviously because the main four-point guarded Teddy-Bridgewater was lacking in the case of his opponent.

9 wins and 5 losses Minnesota Vikings have locked up a playoff spot, but in the last two games and they also need the same district rival Green Bay Packers head to compete for the position of the partition name. Sophomore quarterback Teddy – on Brighi Waters (Teddy Bridgewater) even when the game against the Bears pass and run monopoly 5 touchdowns state hot, though Throughout the season, his play can be said Guadan water, but it’s a bright spot or let his fans something to look forward. Recently pavement beast Adrian – Peterson by (Adrian Peterson) to influence the ankle injury, poor play, the Vikings offense relies heavily on existing AP’s play, if the Vikings want to be in the next game as, then a healthy Peterson is very important. Also in the last round of matches outside the fiery return there this year’s rookie wide Christi von – Di Jisi, scored 55 yards and two touchdowns of his, whether defense ranked last in the league giants who scored more and more data, we’ll see. Defense group general Harrison – Smith (Harrison Smith) and Anthony – Barr (Anthony Barr) is likely to continue due to injury, in order to allow the Vikings to go further in the playoffs, they need more time to recover.