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Patriot team poses privileged label for playing handsNFL official website This Friday news, the new England Patriots team chooses to post this season’s privileged player label to his own play-style Stephen Gostkowski. In this way, Gustkovsky will reach $ 4.58 million in the next season. Become a player with the highest annual salary.

The giant will hold the 9th in the election, and the relevant person thinks the team will not exclude the possibility of picking an external work. Lisse is in question and related issues that the team will choose the best player without locking the target at a particular location.

This is a heavy blow to Brown and Thomas. Thomas has been responsible in the past 11 seasons in the blind side to protect Brown’s four-point guards. In the case of Brown, Brown has not yet been determined, their prospects are more dark.

In Sunday Night, Beckham facing the Green Bay packaging work for the first time in the season, his mind will definitely fight against him, so he ran to the ball. After experiencing a few milliseconds of the fierce ideological struggle, Beckham decided to abandon him, he warmly hugged the ball.

Wisconsin’s sub-season reimbursement packaging workers lost potential new starsThe new season has not yet started, the packaging team has lost a potential new star. They have 5 rounds of Show this year, and Jared Abbredris is diagnosed out of the ACL (former cross ligament) injury and reimbursed season.

Abdellis, known as Wisconsin, was born in Wisconsin, later entered the University of Wisconsin, and then was selected by the Wisconsin’s most loved team. But to see the Wisconsin’s son to receive the passing of Aaron Rodgers and even completed the reachable, it seems to wait for the last year.

A few weeks ago, Beckham was too depressed, so he took the helmet and hit the ball network, but the ball is not polite, and the baby seems to be seen after being smashed. The video of a time crying and playing nets was ridiculed by netizens, but now everything is better!

Cruze himself also talked about his recovery in an interview: « There is no question, I will definitely play at the opening of the battle. I think I am still the original, my performance will not decline. » The new season, Cruze will be with Odel – Beckham (Odell Beckhan) and Ruben Randle form a team’s external handle. Cruze is very expected to cooperate with Beckham, and he is very confident that the team can produce a good chemical reaction.

In the 11-20 team, Galley expressed his best in the second game of his career, helping the raw Rock Rock, rising five, for this week. Sko, who has already signedn, is undoubtedly letting the steel man fall out of the first ten sins, but there is no Sko, if the steel is unable to win, the next owner of this pot is not Victor. Is the Giant of the Olympic Year really going back? At least they have already collected the first National Liandong District, and the strength list has also come to 15th. The biggest difference between the chief and the black panther in these four weeks should be on the schedule. After the first victory of the semi-opening season, the three-year-old strong team, which is still unbeaten, and is also poor. However, if you have never been able to win in this strong dialogue, the foreground of the seastern chief may be worrying. They fell five in this week, and they decline this week.

In the last 12 teams, overtime colored colored columns 21 were harvested. The lion that is missing to kill, although it is the only uncomfortable team, the strength is still stronger than many teams, temporarily 24. Chicago bear and saints heated last week, the buddhism, the saints came to 28, and the bear’s position gave the pirates.

The packaging workers have taken over 49 people, and the patriots will take the battle this week, and the two teams keep the first two unchanged. The fourth red tones ranked last week were done to the 6th. Tigers and wild horses each rose. The two black horses in the Dabai South District continued to remain unbeaten. Unmanned falcon climbs to the top five, the black panther coming into the seventh, and next week, they don’t have games, and the next week’s ranking will be their top of the season. Because after rest, they finally met a strong team, is the Seattle Hawk, cheap jerseys which is currently behind them. Qian Shiller is really indispensable to the Hawks. If he doesn’t have him, the Haiye is probably not lucky to send the lion four losses. The London is easy to defeat the dolphins and let the jets under the other party’s leader rise to 4, ranking 9th. Bill This week’s performance makes them can’t overcome giants at all, 2-2 them slipped to tenth.

Giants Cruze: I will be in the eventNew York Giants Entry WikDo-Cruz 6 months ago, due to injuries, his injury has touched the heart of every giant team. Local time Thursday, Jerry Reese, General Manager, said in an interview that Cruze will return in the first week of competition.

The following is a detailed list:

Green Bay packaging workers 4-0 (-)

2. New England Patriot 4-0 (-)

3. Cincinnati Tiger 4-0 (+1)

4. Denver wild horse 4-0 (+1)

5. Atlantan Falcon 4-0 (+2)

6. Arizona Red Spits 3-1 (-3)

7. Carolina Black Panther 4-0 (+3)

8. Seattle Hawks 2-2 (-)

9. New York Jet 3-1 (+4)

10. Buffalo 2-2 (-4)

11. Minnesota Viking 2-2 (-)

12. St. Louis Ram 2-2 (+5)

13. Pittsburgh Steel Man 2-2 (-4)

14. Indianapolis 3rd 2-2 (-)

15. New York Giants 2-2 (+4)

16. San Diego lightning 2-2 (+2)

17. Kansas City Chief 1-3 (-5)

18. Dallas Cowboy 2-2 (-3)

19. Auckland raid 2-2 (-3)

20. Washington Red Leather 2-2 (+1)

21. Baltimore Crow 1-3 (+1)

22. Philadelphia Eagle 1-3 (-2)

23. Tennesi Titan 1-2 (+1)

24. Detroit Lion 0-4 (-1)

25. Jacksonville American Tiger 1-3 (+1)

26. Cleveland Buron 1-3 (+2)

27. Miami Dolphin 1-3 (-)

28. New Orleans Saint 1-3 (+3)

29. San Francisco 49 people 1-3 (-)

30. Houston Texas 1-3 (-5)

31. Chicago 1-3 (+1)

32. Tampa Bay Pirates 1-3 (-2)