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Elington’s joily provides a strong supplement on the depth of the second line of crows. At present, there is still no trustworthy star player in the corner guard position, Jimmy Smith, before receiving the foot surgery, and is currently recovering. Lardarius WEBBs In the PFF scoring system, the total score only column 78th in 108 angular guards.

Dalton’s six-year 96 million US dollars originally entered the last year, salary of US $ 17.7 million. In the nine years of tiger effectiveness, Dalton records 70-61-2, and he has joined five times to enter the playoffs, but it has not been reactive. At present, his passage of the ball (204) is the first of the team, the pass advancement code (31594) is also the second.

According to relevant experts, although the negotiations between the two sides are not smooth, the red skin will not let Cuts enters the free market. If necessary, the team will not hesitate during the use of the privileged label. If there is no accident, Coss is still the four-point guard of the red skin, just the contract content of the two parties is worth looking forward to.

There are also some players who choose themselves when playing Wante West and put themselves on the replacement, such as the near-end Diari Donnell of New York Giants. I have been annoying, not because he has become a few close-up processes before the league this year, but he thought that he was the best lineup adjusted last week was the close-up of the San Francisco 49 people. Vernon Davis is transferred into the substitute, but thus leads to catastrophic consequences.

Lari Tang Ni did it too well, after four weeks this season, he took 4 games to the fifth in the league, and ranked all the near-ends of all near-end. Thus, he is clearly still adjusted in his own Fantry West in the back of the game.

Quin said: « The ultimate decision is really hard. I carefully study the two teams of players, the city, hired coaches, my own integrated ideas. Also consider the best for me and my family In the end, Chicago became the side of the coin. « 

In this year’s break, the crow did not find angular guards in the free market. The only supplement comes from the election of the month, and the crow picks Trice Walker in the 4th round. The 29-year-old Elington will be expected to become a large number one selected in the trough in the crow, and he successfully blocked T.Y. Hilton (T.Y. Hilton) is impressive. Elington’s joily will provide more choices for crows in defensive tactics.

Former Patriot Corner Elington and Crow Signed for 3 yearsCorner Verier – Kyle Arriongton has not waited for new work after being repeated by the New England Patriots. The local time on Wednesday, Baltimore Cows announced that it is agreeable with Elington a three-year new consistent.

Newton finally admitted that he did hurtAt the time of Tuesday, the main coach of the Carolina Black Panther, Ron Rivera, said Cam Newton, did not be injured, but no matter who had eyes, you can see this loss. The game of Philadelphia eagle is not 100%.

The privileged label window will be closed on March 1, there is a longer time, and the red skin still has time, and it is also confident that this shows excellent quarterfield. At present, Hongki hopes to be able to take a long time for Kusins, which has ensured that the young quadruption can take longer in the team. The attitude of Cousins himself is still unclear.

Red skin cannot agree with Cosmin for a long time Kirk Cousins and the negotiation of Washington Red Leather have been deadly, according to the report of cheap nfl Jerseys official website, the two sides cannot agree on a long to achieve a long. According to reports, the red skin may not use the privilege label to retain Coss, but this will give the team a salary of $ 19.6 million.

[Background knowledge] Fantasy Football is a multiplayer alliance, a game alliance, which is composed of people, and conducts a draft before the start of the season, and the whole league you like and think that this season is prominent. The player is selected into the team, and then in the regular season, the player is playing with the game alliance, and according to the score of the team players in the game, the number of pieces, etc. according to the score of the number, the number of points, and the score Winning, usually in the regular season in 1-14 weeks, 15, 16 weeks of playoff for determining the champion, the game is strong, the characteristic is strong.

He said: « It is hurt, if you ask me, are you hurt? I will answer, I am hurt. You ask me a question, Winton is injured? Yes, I was hurt, this is very honest. Answer. So can I still play a game? Yes, I may play the game, continue to play. This only I can decide. « 

However, Newton’s tough is worthy of being sure, you can believe that a person is killed 9 times after the online, then he is not injured? A healthy Newton can bring victory to Carolina, but our head coach should think about how to protect our super quadrant.