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Lynch officially got rid of the retired state and came to the hometown team. After Latvius Murray left, the burden on Linchi will be heavy. Reggie McKenzie, General Manager, can also put down, and he wanted Linqi to make a decision as soon as possible, so that other things were treated.

Ma Shaun – Lynch officially signed a contract with the Auckland raidThe raids have been said before, and I hope that Ma Shawn Lynch is signed before the draft. Teacher Lin is very thick, and it is necessary to do it.

US time Monday, Tiger officially announced that the former Washington close-end Frieys Moss (Thaddeus Moss), and he is also a son of the famous Hall of Handicy Moss. Moss is a 2020 elected show, because the foot injury has been staying in the injury reserve list.

Two years ago, as big signings (5 years, $ 32 million), 32-year-old Suoli Ai is not very suitable for the current coach Dan – Quinn (Dan Quinn) defense system. Suoli Ai, when he was truly outstanding performance spikes 3-4 defense, but switched to the 4-3 defense Quinn meant his playing time reduced.

According to the official NFL Network reporter Ian – Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that, just after the two sides were unable reconstruction contracts to reduce the $ 5.0 million salary next season, the Atlanta Falcons will cut defense strikers Paul – Suoli Ai (Paul Soliai ).

A competent 3-4 defensive spike is a scarce resource, but considering his past two seasons decline in performance, and we expect other teams will think Suoli Ai is the starting edges and rotate defensive player.

Fitzgerald is hurt, but it is still unable to participate in training. Arizona Rookie Star Extracuna-Fitzgerald, still did not participate in the team in local time on Wednesday. But the head coach Bruce-Arians revealed that the core of the 31-year-old team’s core is already improved.

Fonte is the first round of the Jaguchi 2017, the first round of the show, the career 3 years, the squad, advanced 2631 yards, reached 17 times. The fifth year of the Jennii did not execute his fifth year, and the sniper also tried to trade it, but no team expressed interest.

Drew Stanton, which was previously injured, was taken to Drew Stanton, which seems to be its performance is not affected by ankle injury. Running Andre Ellington has been hidden by hips and toes, only participating in very little training. The team revealed that injuries will not affect the performance of Elington, and he will still start this week. .

Arreon said: « He is progressing every day, but has not reached the extent of it. No matter what to say, he has been very hard. » Fitzgerad has been lacking 4 training, last week with Seattle Hawks last week The game has not been played. Arean believes that Fitzgelad will resume training as soon as possible, and the team will fully support him.

Rivira introduction: « Now my mother thinks, now not considering the issue of continuing victory, but how to make the team more. My mother is watching a lot of recording, our regional defense has implemented too much. It should be more tactics that use a quarter-free tactics. « 

The Firenet has been injured and banned in the 2018 season, and it has been pressed in the substitute at the critical moment. He was punished, withdraws the fans criticism, cheap jerseys and it is difficult to keep your body in the season.

Counterfeit NFL Jerseys seized by CBP at JFK International Mail FacilityDuring the university, Moss and Burro were played in the Louisiana State University (LSU), and won the ultimate champion. In the 12th game of that year, Moss completed 47 times, advanced 570 yards, reached 4 times.