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6 wins and 8 losses of Auckland raids still have the hope of advancement of the playoffs before entering this week, but it is possible that they will say goodbye to the regular season of this season before the start of the game. This season team offensive group leader Derk Carl played, the Defensive Group’s Carl Mark became the only highlight of the raid this season. He has won 10.5 times this season, and it is expected to have 6 consecutive games. The competition can get the killing. It is also a potential nominated object of the best defensive player this season for three consecutive seasons. Since 2015, Mark has got 36.5 times, and wholesale Nfl jerseys the second place in the same period is listed. The Silver Black Legion will challenge the fierce eagle in the season, but the fierce bisquaries, but as the last night tour of the regular season, and cherish it.

Matt – Shaohu did not follow the team to London

According to the report of the CSN Bay Division, the raid people’s substitute four-point guard, the old soldiers Matt Schaub, did not follow the team expedition London, prepared to « home » on the Wemblestan game, but Stayed in the United States. According to Cheap nfl jerseys from china sources Steve Wyche, Shao Bu leaving the team this week because of the wife who is about to give birth.

[Preview] The 16th week of Monday Night racing @ 老

As a battle against the crisis of the regular competition season this season, it will be tailored to a US-National War, and the Auckland raid will come to the US mainland to challenge the eagle. At present, the raid people still still have hopes in a single game. I don’t know if they can catch this last life-saving straw?

The 12-winning 2nd Philadelphia Eagle has the best record of the League of the Season, which has already identified the position of the top of the country of Guandong and the first round of the first round of the National Fame. If this week, the eagle can win the game, and the Viking people will lose the ball on Saturday night, the eagle will have the first time since 2004, the main scene of the National Fame season. In the 34-29 game last week, the eagle replaced four-point gate, the first time, the first first arrived, and the combination of Wenz and Falls became since 2011. After the annual packageman’s Rogers and Flin combination, the first pair of different quarters of the four-point guard in two consecutive weeks can pass at least 4 times. Falls have a pretty good state, so that all fans are getting ready to go far in the playoffs, even if there is no new generation Wenz, but have stepped into the born Falls to other national quarters The team declared that the eagle still had a battle force.

At the same time, the Hawk announced a sign of a rookie Verde Verz-Préz Purifoy. The Purifi is 5 feet 11 inch, with a weight of 190 pounds, is a rookie this year, which was previously effective in the Indianapolis horses. The media is generally believed that Signing Purfi means that five-point Wei Jeremy Lane will be missed longer than the original plan. Previously, Lyne was included in the injury reserve list, which was still without returning training this week.

Art ronney II wrote in the statement: « Unfortunately, Laine can’t contribute to our own power in the rest of this season. However, even in the field, Lien also Or one of our team leaders. We know that his optimism and spirit will help him continue to reply, and we will also motivate our team. « 

Haiying’s new show line warrior reimbursement, signing the corner of the second line

On the local time, the Seattle Habi official announced that the new show is included in the wounded reserve list, which means his rookie season has ended in advance. Pierl Louis was injured in the game with the Chief of Kansas City, he was injured in the shoulder. Previously, due to the main line Weibo-Wagner injured, Pierl Louis got a large number of outlight opportunities. His performance also compensates for the loss of the team due to the absence of the team due to Wagner.

At present, the option of Enskovo’s 2020 is only one year label contract, and the salary is approximately $ 17.8 million. This 25-year-old player has made it clear that the attitude of the Jiji is also very determined. If there is no top chip, it will definitely not bring this young elite.

Jason said to tell reporters: « First, Sunday is extremely embarrassed, very ridiculous. Although we are very angry to leave the stadium, at least to tolerate. Only Izik is released in Press The statement on the meeting made us unbearable. I listened to it like he joking it? So we have to put it into action. « 

Although Izik after the general manager, there is no chance to hire the main coach of his favorite, the record of the 2014 season is enough to let him laid off. The first 8 games will be 1 win and 7 losses, while 2 wins in the end of the season, the boss Woody Johnson will stay in Izyk?

Jason Cape and Jarid – Kobi brothers wished to raise enough funds to buy an outdoor advertisement in the Metropolitan Course to publish advertisements for Izyk. They have seen the idea of ​​germination in the case of the general manager Izique in the press conference.