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Red scitch take over Fitzgelad to avoid retired topicsBeijing December 20th news last year’s Palch record 8-8, Larry Fitzgerald, decided to struggle again. But the record of the rickets is just more deserted.

The position of the saga running guard was injured. David Johnson, due to an incidental presence of the new Orleans Saint, and he expected at least one week. Chat – Admonds is on the game, the legs are injured, and only 30 sets of attacks. After the end of the competition, Kliff Kingsbury, said Kliff Kingsbury, said it is really worried that Admitz legburbs will make him absent the game.

Andy Reid also expressed the same view: « Chris is a full-energy player, his enthusiasm can drive the entire dressing room. & Hellip; & hellip; after we choose him, he has grown a lot. It also has a space for growth and learning. He won his honor for himself, I am happy with him and his family. « 

This future, the first hand of the selected celebrity Hall in the 15th year, the pair of colors will be in the altime of the ram on this Sunday, ending 2018 home games. But Fitzgerar is not sure how to go behind his season.

Unless there will be a new Victor to reinject the fuel to the jet, lead the team to renew new, otherwise the January policy is likely to change, depending on whether the next coach decides whether to let Vic become the future four defense « bridge ».

Fitzgerald has established a lot of reputation for the gentleman who shows the gentleman in his own place, and the loyalty to this team that often smohes more than less than less. This 35-year-old old will recently set a history: the number of batches completed for the same team. Considering most of the time, the four-point guard for him is John Skelton, Kevin Kolb, Matt Leinart, Brian – BRIAN St. Pierre, Max Hall and other famous characters, this record is more difficult. This season, Fitzgelad also needs to help Josh Rosen, and this chick quartz-saving current transformation seems to be less successful.

Titan 4-point Guikhan Hill: Care for the next game rather than your futureIn the sixth week, when Tennessee Titan fell to 2 wins and 4 negative, cheap jerseys from China their season haunted, another failure season seems to be in front of him.

Vik said that he still wants to continue two years of his career.The end of this season will become a free player, Michael Vick, in the replacement Nino-Smith, has become the first quarter of the game, led his New York jet « take off » last week.

The red scitch will face 49 people in San Francisco this week, lack of rest, let the ramp are more snowing. Zucker Joined the team last week was the only healthy running guard who got the play time after Ademonds injured. D.j. Foster (D. J. Foster) is also troubled by injuries, while Alfred Morris fails to enter the list.

« I don’t know, I am making a good game », Vik explained, « When you are used to a clear position, sometimes you have to leave, this is very funny. » Vik is this week with the present. The team relationship is more harmonious, « I don’t mind the green of the jet. »

Whether Wick continues to work in New York, the 34-year-old veterans still want to continue his 2015 NFL career or even longer. « I really want to go to the game, I will leave the court at least two years later. » Wik said, « Because I know this depends on myself. » Coach Ryan (Rex Ryan), offensive coordinator Mo Nighty Mornhinweg The attitude toward John IDzik is not clear, so Vic does not know where he will go next season.

« For me, now I am focused on this week, » Tamnele said. « I have witnessed everything how to do it, and I fall, the season is in the season. So if you start to distract, then you are letting your teammates and you can lose this week to use good opportunities in this week. So, It is really effort to focus on the game against the Auckland raid and then try to prepare for the game. « 

The performance of Tanharhole makes him a person worthy of attention in next year. Titan has a reason to give him a multi-year contract, especially after he led the team, or the team may make him a privileged label player. If he enters the free player market, he may become the most sought-after older quarter.

Now, Titan has ranked 7th seed and is still expected to enter the playoffs. Since Tanhar has become the first year, they have achieved 5 wins and 1 loss, and the averaging has achieved 29.7 points, and the quadrupannies of Tam Hill reached 117.2. Titan is second only to Baltimore Crow in these three data.

Dolphins agreed to travel to the Guzhuyan Drake to deal to Arizona, the latter sent a conditional 2020 optional power. This election is preliminary as the sixth round, but it can become a fifth round of draft after satisfying the conditions.

For Drake, which will become a free player after the end of the season, joining Jinsuri’s offensive group is a good news. In the 4 years of dolphins, he is always unused. Recently, dolphins have chosen between his and Mark Walton.

General Manager of the Emirates: Retain Chris Jones is the first wishThe US time is officially signed a new approximately a new approximately on Wednesday, Chiefs and Defense Diffuse Chris Jones. The contract period was 4 years, with a total salary of 80 million US dollars, including 60 million US dollars.