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Bryant said in an interview: « I can feel that we are very different this year. We need to start again, fighting in December, there is a new beginning. I am looking forward to the future game, we will go all out. « Bryant said: » Everyone wants to become better, improve yourself through every small detail. The weather will get more cold, but this will not affect us. We now have the opportunity to enter the playoffs, no one wants to miss this opportunity. « 

This performance can be blown for a burst of & mdash; & mdash; at least be blowing to the end of the game next week. However, it is true that Watson is really amazing in the pot of Texas people offensive

The chief announced to sign a quarter from the quarter.After a new season, Terrelle Pryor found a new job at the end of the season. According to Cheap Nfl Jerseys official website reporters, Pleier has reached an agreement with the Chief of Kansas City, and both sides will sign a short period of 1 year, and the details have not been announced.

Davis Career spent 2 years in Cleveland, he was selected in the 1956 draw, but he took a 2-year military service in 1958. Subsequently he was traded to the Green Bay in 1960, became an important player in Vince Lombardi.

Dez – Bryant: History will not repeatFor Dallas Cowboys, they never like December. In 2011, they took 7 wins and 4 negative records in December, and eventually 8 wins and 8 losses end season. Last season, they had 7 wins and 5 negative entered December, and they finally still take 8 victories. This season, the cowboy has taken 8 victories, 8 wins and 4 negative records let them only fall behind the Philadelphia eagle with the disadvantages of 1 win. The team core Dez-Bryant believes that they will not repeat the history this year.

Although Pleier is very serious in training, he still can’t win a place in the Hawk. Before the start of the season, the team chose to trust him. Experts believe that Pleier’s new contract is very likely to be very similar to that of the Qihai Eagle, and to perform this contract, Pleier needs to find a way to stand out in the competition. There was a rumor that the team was not satisfied with Alex Smith, while the Subtock 4-point Wei Alon Murray (Chase Daniel) has always been difficult to make opportunities. In such a team of four-point guard, Pleier is not a chance.

Gannong has been found to have cancer in 2011 but later he healed, he chose to withdraw from the season last year. Originally he salary this year will reach $ 9.62 million. The patriot has never planned to let him stay, especially in his high salary.

This week, the cowboy will take away Chicago Bear, and then they will fight the Philadelphia eagle, it is perhaps the most important game this season. Bryant believes that teammates have been prepared, they don’t want to repeat the same mistakes and look forward to ushering metamorphosis this season.

This transaction is actually reached in the US time week, and Texas also traded to Miami dolphins on Sunday, Benard McKinney, in exchange for line-to-market – labor Shaq Lawson. Lobport means that Catheri Rio may continue through trading reinforcement team lineup.

Famous Hall of Defense Didway Wili – Davis died at the age of 85Professional football Hall of Famous Hall announced that the Hall of the Hall of the Hall Willie Davis died on Wednesday, and the year was 85 years old.

On Thursday, Pleier also said on his own online social media, I am honored to become a member of the chief. We last saw Plar on the NFL’s stadium, or on December 29, 2013, the first four-point guardian of Pleier is still the Auckland raid. After the season, the raid person inform Pleil is not in the future plan of the team. Seattle Hawks look at his speed, use a 7-round selection of Xiuxi to enter his team.

Lightning running Williams wrist fracture season reimbursement According to the coach Anthony, Anthony Lynn, Lightning No. 3 runs to Wei Andre-Willia Williams, in Sunday, the last gear fracture will absent the rest of the season.

Opening the first wave of attack, Watson shot twice, and the outer hand runs almost the same route, the same ball position, the same one-on-one defense, Watson first 2 files 6 yards, to the side line HOPKINS It is shifted, the second 3rd port 6 yards, passing to the side line B.Miller is also transmitted. The audience, Watson has 24 shots, only 6 10+ yards, try to pass, complete 2 times. Due to the lack of the support of near-end-end CJF, Watson completed 15 times in the audience, 6 times were completed to the running guard (L. Miller and Tyler Ervin). On the middle distance, Watson also needs to get more support and improvement.

Anyway, Watson is just a NFL rookie of only one half-career competition, and now he is the Mr. Right of the Texas people. Right is also fashionable. The team can be full of expectations for him, but there is no need to make too many requirements or accusations to his current performance. After all, there is very little difference between Watson and team main force; after all, the next game, Tom Brady wants to « teaches people ».