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So this is because he is a top quarter-saving, or because he is a stable four-point guard who benefits from the teammates of the world? Remember, because Wilson is a three-wheeled salary, the Hawks have a large round of returning.

Brown coach said that Tero Taylor is the first quarterThe first quarter-saving candidate has always been a problem that Brown is difficult to choose, but they believe that the first quarter of the 2018 season is unhappy.

In the game of the lions last Sunday, Brown completed four times, but he was absent cheap jerseys from china all training because of the recurrence of the four muscle injuries, and the official confirmation will absence the game on Friday.

My lawyer has asked me not to discuss the fact details of the case. I hope that you can respect this request and help me follow it. I very much hope that the public can listen to my thoughts but I understand that it is not appropriate to talk about these details now. However, I hope everyone can understand how much I brought to my child is how sorry.

I am not a perfect son. I am not a perfect husband. I am not a perfect father, but there is no doubt that I am not a child. I am a person who taught myself and never wants him to hurt. No one can understand that I feel painful for my son and my harm to him. My goal is to always tell my son right from wrong and that’s what I want to do in the day.

The red scitch takes out John – Brown this week will be absent.When John Brown, John Brown missed the four-headed muscular insemble, Bruce Aria, said that if Brown could not return to a good condition, the team will find another way.

I accept the fact that people feel very angry about this, and they also accept their ideas for me. But no matter what others think, I love my son very much and I will continue to work hard to become a better father.

However, according to the ESPN a radio program host message, both parties have a value of $ 120 million in rumors, half of which is a difference in the contract of guarantee income. They obviously have a gap between « tens of millions of dollars ». « In fact, the Hawks have not yet give a contract worth $ 100 million, » ESPN reporters are expressed in accordance with many people. « The four-year contingency contract provided by the Hawk is considered to be worth 80 million US dollars. »

Although Villa Newa did not sign the character’s free player bidding contract, he signed a wounded Protection Wacess (Injury Protection Waiver), if he was seriously injured, this statement will allow him to get 6.15 million US dollars, but he Also interested in negotiations with the team. One person in the alliance is more than Wira Niom is this.

Maete doesn’t want to be the bottom of the patriotRyan Mallett is still a popular candidate for the team of quadruping teams. Because he is worried that he is excavated by the wall, the new England patriot will continue to hide this substitute player.

It is naturally simple now, but the 6 weeks of draft may be the beginning of the change. Brown, hand-held ignition, and No. 4, it is likely to take a quadruple, if the first round of four-point guard is good in training camp and the preseason, Taylor is difficult to achieve breakthrough, Brown may temporarily Change the plan.

According to Ian Rapoport, the Patriots IAN RAPOPORT reported that the patriots said they did not intend to let Maetet played the last preseason of New York giants on Thursday. The insider told Ladport because Maete is about to turn, and they are worried that if the victim of participating in the game is too big. Therefore, Jimmy Garoppolo will take him from him. The insider also said that the Patriot will wait until Glabro as a substitute will consider Malet’s turnats. This is still awesome.

I have to accept the fact that when I use my own childhood to treat my son, I will hurt him, I have never thought that he never thought that he would hurt. I know that many people do not agree with me to educate their children. After meeting with a psychologist, I also learned that there are many more suitable methods of taught children.

I have learned a lot of lessons and I have re-examined how I will teach my son in the future. But in the deep heart, I always believe that if there is no parent and relatives to my discipline, I will become a part of the child lost in street life. I always believe that my parents teach my way and have a big relationship with my adult. I love my son and I will continue to be a better father, learn from any mistakes I am committed to absorb lessons.

Basically, the Hawks want to give Wilson’s contract than Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick, which can make people understand. They don’t want his contractual amount to reach the four-defense contracts like Alon Rogers or Ben Roethlisberger.

« The high-level person is being dealt, » Sneee said, « My broker is now in this way, I only focus on the health training of every day. I hope that my state is not bad in this summer, I can do it before the training camp Prepare. «