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The jet team signed the Wik in March, may make him play a few gears in the preseason of the eagle on Wednesday. Vic said he is always very grateful to the Eagle, who was captured by the bucket. Nearly two years, it was a chance to return to the court again.

Cork said: « I can’t wait, so when I know that I can sign the contract in this week, I am happy to forget. Although I have stayed in the team, the feeling of the contract contract is still very excited. This is a new journey Start. »

It is reported that Wader is preparing to leave lightning next summer by contract negotiations. He told reporters that he has inform him to stop the contract in his contract until he has stopped the contract. That is to say, the 2nd occupational bowl players will no longer be lightning next year.

Thomas Weekly said that he didn’t realize that it was punished, and someone told him in the dressing room after the end of the game. « It’s just very exciting moment, » he said. « This is just a way I celebrate. »

Steelers will retain tight end Cornelius Lada – Green

When the Pittsburgh Steelers signed last year with the proximal end of four-year $ 20 million contract Feng Lada Cornelius – when Green (Ladarius Green), they hope he can help the team’s passing attack.

« This is no problem, but I am working hard to win a super bowl, a game, » Jackson said to the reporter. « I don’t care MVP. Everything will be natural. I have to work hard to win the super bowl of championship. This is a team honor, this is what I want. »

« This is cool, » Jackson talked about his support for his support. « As I said, this is cool, but I have to work hard to win the super bowl of championship. This is the goal, I am chasing this goal now. We are going to face 49 people in San Francisco next week. This is my current center. The location. « 

Jackson always pays attention to the next opponent, cheap Nfl jerseys from china so he did not watch 49 people on the Sunday game of the Green Bay packaging. « I didn’t see, » he said. « I care about the ram. I care about our next opponent. As I said, we face 49 people next week, I will watch the competition video at need. Cheap Jerseys From China tomorrow, I will watch video. »

When the day of the next game, 49 people who have passed a guest against the crows will have to attract everyone’s attention. In the past, the outside world was concerned about the mobil of Hubble brothers, and now, this is the confrontation of two best teams in the alliance.

« We have a game until August, so he has time to fully recover, » Steelers general manager Kevin – Colbert representation. « For any concussion, we know one thing that you have to take the time to fully recover before the re-return to the game. That’s him. He entered the offseason. He was very excited to be back and be able to play. We whether he will observe his condition. in March or April when to return when training « 

But things did not develop as expected. Green was injured in the offseason and only participated in six games. He played only gear 140, a total of 18 times to complete the ball 304 yards 1 made touchdowns. His playing time ranked fourth in the team tight end, and he re-injury (concussion) team at the start of the playoffs.

If the cut Green Steelers may be able to save $ 2.625 million of cap space, but it seems the Steelers are willing to try again. They did not think Green’s ability to regress, he just needs to stay healthy.