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The other big sale in the super bowl is in the midfield show, many stars have proud of midfielding in the super bowl. In recent years, there is a super bowl in the middle of the show stage with Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Katie Perry, etc. This year, the performance of the superb bowl show is a famous musician Justin Tatin Black.

Rushtam started left cut into injury reservesThe injury is not new to this year’s saglock. According to the team’s official website, the head coach Bruce Alianz (Bruce Aria) is worried about the elbow injury of Jared Veldheer, but Vades said that there is no problem with your arm. The ankle injury is the focus.

However, Edelman still funerals the right to patriots & mdash; & mdash; Breddy’s pass is playing in Edrman’s hands, the chief security satensen, Daniel Sorensen, cut! The chief is getting the ball in the 23 yard line of the Patriot.

In addition to breaking the ball reached a record, the game Briser was completed by 30 passes, and the success rate of passing the ball reached 96.7%, breaking the success rate record of the single game. This efficient performance increased his success rate to 75.8%. If the season is over, he will break the 74.4% record created in 2018.

On Sunday, the right striker, Earl Watford, also encountered a high-level ankle sprain, now the center AQ Shipley is the only member of the squid attack front line, the only person who has not missed the game. .

In addition to Manning, Bris also exceeded the number of new England Patriots, the number of New England Patriots rose to the second Number of Parameters in the Sunday competition (538 times). Tom Brady. Breddy is congratulations on Brisker on Top Monday night. The two will continue to break the record at least in the rest of the season.

Eagle four points to Walkles surrounded by saleBeijing July 20th, the sales list of the players announced in the NFLPA (cheap nfl jerseys Player Association) (statistical time is 3.1-5.31), the eagle substitute four points, the Nick Foles, the first four Navit Tm-Braddy won the top position. The eagle starts quartz, Carson Wentz, is ranking third.

« Cowboy and raid people are interested. I am waiting for invitation, » Sato said. « Cowboy may be very difficult because they have three players, and one of them has a big contract, but the raid will only have 2 players. I think if the two people have poor performance in the next training camp. I will have the opportunity to get an invitation. « 

The New Orleans Saints broke the record again in Monday night, and he completed 4 times in the 34-7 victory of Indiana Polis, and his career passed reached 541 times. More than Penin Manning, which is first ranked first.

Six players from the top ten from Guonong District, Braddy is the only non-national partition player in the top five miles. The giant running guards Saquon Barkley is ranked fourth, but his jersey sales are currently first.

After the score is reversed, the patriot rolls, Chris Hogan is 11 yards, running Week, Rax, Rickhead, 14 yards, Rob, Gronoski The ball is 11 yards. On the 9th yard line of the chief, the patriot will face the four-speed half code again, this time Sony-Michelle is directly with the ball 10 points to score! Patriot 24:21 Leading the Chief 3 points!

After the record breaks, the view and Bris family have a short celebration. The 40-year-old Bris and all offensive team friends hug, followed by the ball to the scene and worked together for 14 seasons. Shanton Pedon (Sean Payton). « Without Shawn, I won’t be here, » Brissea said.

Sato is currently in Japan’s X Alliance for a team that is called IBM Galak, and he has a 58-yard of the best before, and sets the alliance record. He also participated in the spring alliance competition held in the United States last year. In addition, some Canadian Football League team also expressed his intention to him.

The emirate gives the patriot to start the ball at the chief halfway. The 15 yards of CORDARRELLE PATTERSON have entered the red zone. After the competition entered the second quarter, after the patriot came to 1 line, Braddy’s fake run was confused. He was easily in the split line, was easily Ragland (Ragle Ragland). Copy!

In the end, the Run Weixue Berk Haide scored 2 points to score, kill the game! The score is fixed at 37:31, and the patriots will overturn the Chief of Kansas City, and I have advanced into the super bowl again!

Briser gave a record in the third section to the 5-yard of the Josh Hill, Josh Hill broke the record. After Brissear, Hill was « appropriate » to break the record partner, because since he has been a « unknown hero » in the team since his in 2013 as a decide to join the team.

As for the arms of the patriot, the « Crazy Train » from the British Heavy Metal Bridge – Osbourne. However, in the 51st super bowl last year, Atlantan Fematch was on the opening music. Their choice of appearance is from « crazy train ».

From 199 election, the standard template of the strongest quarter-off and life winner in the history of the league. Not only has 5 championships, but also married international supermodel Greele – Bangchen.