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Of course, Prescott doesn’t have to be frustrated. His salary has risen over 4 million US dollars cheap jerseys From china 4 years to $ 31.4 million. If the cowboy continues to use the privilege label, his salary will reach $ 37.7 million.

Yes, Prescott needs to take the risk of injury, and he really wants to have a long-term effectiveness for the cow. But the result that has not been renewed will not change his future. If he played excellent in the new season, his new contract will definitely be more.

When Bill is still studying undergraduate in Georgetown University, he has already served as a vice president of President. After the end of the 1956 service, Bill returned to Chicago and began to participate in the team operational affairs. In 1960, the Rhodel moved to St. Louis, Budeville is already the head of the whole right.

In next year, 49 people can easily jump out of the four-point Guiji-Garoppolo contract. They can also choose to continue to let him leave, and continue to launch an impact to the Super Bowl next season.

NFL TV reporter Jane Slater This previous report that Prescote participated in negotiations before the deadline at Wednesday, hoped to complete the renewal, but eventually failed to have a signing process.

Bill’s father, Charles, is a famous figure in Chicago sports world, and is also a member of the professional football Hall. Charles bought a red bird in 1932 and is responsible for managing the team until 1947.

« We have a good relationship, » Jones said. « This is not related to the contract. Everyone now wants a big news. I don’t have news. I just try to make myself better. I and the team don’t exist in this class …. Where will I go. « 

Jason Pierre Paul does not wear protective gear beds

The New York Giants gave their defensive line players Jason Pierre-Paul again, Pierre Paul could completed the 2016 season in the 2016 season, and got 10 million US dollars.

« We examine hundreds of players every year, » Lin Qi said. « We work hard to be comprehensive. Adam did see the game of Bois State against Yang Baihan. This seems to have a lot of attention. We are doing our work. You are ready for everything …. We are always comprehensive Investigation. We have always tried to examine all players and prepare for everything. « 

Previous report, 49 people who were responsible for the Vice President of Players Adam Peters examined Yang Benhan’s competition for Bois State University. Given the Yang Benthan University Swan Zag Wilson (Zach Wilson) is considered to be expected to be selected in the first round of next year, the outside world began to guess 49 people’s attitude toward Galopo.

Sunday’s zero-added means that this is the first time that no one has been diagnosed with new coronal pneumonia since the many cases of confirmation in Titan last Tuesday. In the past 6 days, there have been 18 people in Titan in the past 6 days.

Pierre Paul must do something now to make the team more confident to yourself. Not long ago, he released the video that he did not wear his hand to protect the protective guard on the individual’s instagram.

If there is no accident, Prescott will have the opportunity to make a bigger contract in the future at the age of 27. The top quadruption of the league usually does not enter the free player market, and if Prescot is interested, he has the opportunity to do this.

« I think this is a very obvious question: everyone wants to know the situation of Jimmy, » Lin Qi said. « This is what I know about Jimmy-Garobo, I think I have been thinking about it: When he appeared, we won a lot of games when he played. When he lacks time It is difficult to win. « 

« I am a cowboy player, I can’t be more happy, » Prescot is expressed in an interview. « I am looking forward to working with McChae coach, coach group and my teammates, trying to become the best team, chasing the goal of winning the champion of the super bowl. »