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Newton is the 2011 yuan sign, the 2015 season performance, winning the regular game MVP, and wholesale jerseys also lead the black panther into the super bowl. He leads a total of black panthers, but it has been severely injured in the past few years, and shoulder surgery have been accepted. Last year, I only played 2 games due to the foot injury.

After Norman, I admit that I was punished because I was punished because of the red and white blue shoes, but because the « proud, brave » slogan marked on the shoe was punished. He said he will appeal on this.

Herni did not explain the original reason for the initial decision of Newton, he only said: « After we decided to trade, I gave Camr’s broker and told him that we will start to ask other teams of trading interest. »

The two teams have a new crown case patriot to the over-theirate competition.Since both teams appear in the case of player new crown virus detection as positive, NFL announced that the New England Patriots will be postponed for the fourth week of the Dragona Castel.

« This is a new offensive group. It is necessary to improve the fine crafted on this basis. In the case of communication outside the merchants, the important part of the competition is 2 minutes. There are many things happened in 2 minutes. Promoted by quarterfield. Do you need to make the ball out? (Offense Coordinator) Money – Ga Gailey will tell him a lot of such things in the helmet, but he needs to be clear. « 

JoshNalman is fined by a slogan balloonRecently NFL gave the corner of the Carolina Black Leopard, Josh Norman, opened 5,000 US tickets, because he wore shoes with patriotic slogans in the game against Green Bay packaging.

Philip-Rivers loves warm San Diego fansThe entire career of Philip Rivers is in San Diego. He used to be a symbol of this city. Although the team relocated to Los Angeles but he and the contact of the city and fans were still so close.

This means that Sherman and his teammates will indeed face their arduous challenges, they must not only focus on the speed of fast emirates, but also to the four-point guards of mobile power – patrick mahomes put pressure on.

Tuesday, this star quarter-shock in the dinner of San Diego, the evening party is the event of Nick Hardwick to enter the local famous Hall of Fame, he does not avoid yourself for San Diego. Feelings, « I am sure that I am here and Nick tonight, I don’t know how many opportunities I still stand in front of San Diego fans, I have to say thank you. In the past few years, it is very special, the only regret is not Won a honor to leave a commemoration to this city. I know that some of my teammates live here, this is also what we want to do, hoping for the contribution to this, although we have not completed but I determined us every week. They are striving to move towards this goal, we are crazy fight because of you. « 

Team coach Brian Florez hopes that Rosen can control offensive groups in accordance with their own requirements. Fitz Patrick has proved its ability to be in this regard, and Tenguova will continue to work hard in this regard in this respect. As for Rosen, the cancellation of the preseason in the preseason, he must prove that he has mastered the attack tact in the training ground.

General Manager of the Black Panther: It is a very difficult decision to cut the Newton.Cam Newton leads the black panther to lay off the end after the team last month. General Manager Matt Hurney commented on this decision on Monday.

« We have facing some teams with very good balls, some of the four-point guards who are good at pass, some really talented external hands. We also face Have Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) At the Atlanta of Julio Jones, they are very good. But these emirates are very fast, so of course they will be arduous challenges. « 

« Basically they finally became the coach on the field. Rosen is still a young player. Tu A is also. When is the long-term short pass (very important). We talked this this morning. We are looking for leadership , Communication, continuous decision. « 

49-angle Wei Delman: The challenges brought about by unfrunking the Chief Offense GroupSan Francisco 49 people face some performance opponents this season, but they are about to face the biggest challenge.

Tenguova can take advantage of the offensive group from the big season, but the environment of the professional stadium is completely different. The two can learn to Fitz Patrick. If the four divits like the latter If there is no ability to control the attack, it is impossible to have 15 years of career and can often get the first opportunity.

« I don’t know. This will of course be a huge challenge, but it is said that it is the biggest challenge. It is not very respectful for some of the balls we face, because we face some pass this season. The team of promising, « Sherman said. « We face all the performances in Saint and Dru Brits. We have been facing the external connections of Tampawan and 2 of them in the season, and all of them have all Performance. We face them twice twice in the offensive system of the ram and Sean Mcvay. «