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Wild horses Swashier: I hope I can play

After a valuable stay week, Denver’s horses have improved. The team’s current focus is the line of Brandon Marshall, they hope that the king can come in this week’s Mennah semi-final. Marshall was previously injured in the left foot, absent the last two weeks of the regular season.

The most terrible place for the Black Panther is that the three consecutive-year-old defensive groups makes the opponent only the 19.9 branch of the union ranked second. Luke Kuechly is still in the absence of 3 games, and the first 72 clams are listed in the group, cheap nfl jerseys from china and teammates Thomas Davis is 44 individuals. Hold the team. Josh Norman, Josh Norman, basically identified the name of the first corner of his alliance, and the top of his top, the top of the league, only completed in their pair of attention 89 yards of embarrassing data (Dez Bryant), Julio Jones, Deandre Hopkin, Ty Hilton) of course There is also the uncontrolled Odel Beckham Jr., in fact, Noghman’s 46th dishes also ranked first five.

Payton Hill finally decided to give full capacity once the first opportunity, rather than pocket Winston starting quarterback. Payton Hill can make creative use of the quarterback rushed the ball, read option attack and rushed the ball passing options and other offensive tactics.

Gore is 49 people in 2005, three rounds of trimesters, 2006-2014, eight seasons in the nine seasons, more than a thousand yards, although the 2015 season did not extend this record, but he completed thousands of 2016 The code is advanced. It is more worth amazing that Gore has not lacking the game since 2010.

He said: « Questioning the voice always exists, because they are all players of Fantasy, and I am not, I care about the player’s score. I care about how to win, and Lin Qi is the key to God. I It is better to make him a chance to get the ball. « 

Baifang said that he was also questioned, why didn’t you pass to Percy Harvin? He said: « We all know that he has speed, he can run to the red area, he uses speed us to use The speed advantage, but the test shows that these guys need to pick up the ball first. They are the destroyers of the game, like Lin Qi and Hawen. They can easily take the ball to complete each generic attack, and we have to do it is Make sure they can get the ball. « 

Payton often as quarterback talent and your generous words of praise for Hill. But Hill never had a chance to fully charge the offensive team. Saints this offseason and Hill signed a two-year, guaranteed income of nearly $ 18 million contract, showing the importance of his team. The decision of the outside world for the Saints has many mocking sound when signing the contract, Hill is now an opportunity for skeptics shut up.

Adams said he was injured in the first attack and defense of the Los Angeles Rana, he said that he was « defensive skills badly », and the injury made him feel « very embarrassment ». Adams insisted on the game, and then felt all the defense in the battle of Arizona.

US Sunday, Dolphins Against the Games of the Jet, Run Frank Gore complete 5 yards, transcendentum Martin, becomes 14103 yards History fourth. Gore’s career scorpion code is only second only to Emitt Smith (Emmitt Smith) (18355), Walter Payton (16726) and Barry (15269) These three have been selected to celebrate the celebrities.

The biggest hero that protrudes this season’s black leopard has been more than the team star quartz, Cam Newton. As of now, Newton completed 3544 yards pass, 33 passes reached, 626 yards, and 8 running balls. His lost 5 times this season was copied 10 times to reduce the minimum of career.

Sea Eagle Safety Yados: Nearly two games can only rely on one arm due to shoulder injury

Seattle Hawiens’ Core Security Wei Ja Mamar – Jamal Adams said he can only rely on « one arm playing » due to shoulder injury in the last 2 games.

Adams won 2 times when the ram is a two-time killing and once forcing the ball. At the time of the squash, he got 3 hugs and 1 hit four-point guard, and the Haiying defensive group in this game has played the best performance in the season.

Marshall participated in local time Monday and Three training, he said: « I feel that everything is very good, in addition to occasional cramps. But I believe I can overcome this problem. Now I can’t promise 100% to play, I can There is only full rehabilitation and hard work. « There is a reporter asked Marshall. If this week’s game is not a playoffs, he will choose to return. Marshall said: « I don’t know, whether it is a regular season or a playoffs, I hope to play. I hope to help the team, as long as the body is allowed, I will not pay. »

The maximum tool for the black panther is still ground offensive, running to Jonathan Stewart, completed 989 yards, and the Mike Tolbert completed 197 yards to squad. Buffton has brought 1812 yards and 15 Dove data for the black leopard ground.

Hawks Coach said: Winning will rely on Lyncho

Seattle Hawks’ offense coordinator Darrell Bevell is questioned because of the loss of Dallas cowboy, the focus of contradiction is Marshawn Lynch, and only the ball runs 10 times.