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Lambo will ablate at least three weeks. In the four seasons for the Tiger Tiger, the success rate of Rambo freebles reached 95%. In the first two games, Lambo three times free shooting, 7 additional shot destinations 6 times.

Shaquier Griffin is not worried about location transformationAfter Richard Sherman left the team, the Hawk choosted to let the shaquill griffin to change the left corner to fill the air. Griffin was initially responsible for the right corner, which made some fans worried that he would not encounter trouble during transformation. But Griffin said: « This is not troublesome, it is good to advance. Although this is not very common step, it will not make people unable to focus. »

In the prediction of this year’s super bowl, Madden predicts that the eagle will first lead to the Jay Ajayi mushroom, while forcing the patriots can only score first. The eagle will receive 3 points by shooting at the end of the first quarter. Breddy, which is the Madden Cover, in the second quarter, Rob Gronkowski and External Hand, Completed Brans (Brandin Cooks) Team, and the eagle is again scored by any racket at the end of the first half.

« I feel this very ridiculous, I think he played a good season. He got the same data, he led the team in such a way, but he still could not gain respect, » Yuschk said. « He is undoubtedly the leader of our offensive group. He led us to enter the super bowl and won the championship for 7 minutes. So he did not get what I think is very absurd to me. »

America Tiger will play a list of injuries reservesDue to the left hip injury, Josh Lambo is joined by the American Tiger into the injury reserve list, the new show will play Brandon Wright will replace him.

After led the 49 people in San Francisco to the Super Bowl, he played anomaly in the fourth quarter. 11 passed the ball only had a success, got 36 yards, and one passed was copied, and 49 people were only promoted in the fourth quarter. 59 Code, buryed 20-10 leading advantages.

The game simulation predicts the patriot to overcome the eagle won the super bowl of championshipThe new England Patriots will win the sixth super bowl of champion, while the four-point Wei Tom Braddy will become the fifth time a super bowl.

[Preface to the event] The fifth week Thursday night patriot @ pirateIn the fifth week of the regular season, this game is also the last night game that the eleven small holiday fans can see will be challenged by the Super Bowl of the defending champion in the south of Florida. Two freshcomers, the patriots occupied absolute advantages in the history of History, in the past three trips, the patriot has already achieved 3 consecutive victories, and after 4 years, will this pirate win a victory?

Tampa Bay Pirate last week 25-23 victory winning New York giant, the team’s four-point Wei Jie Misi Winston played excellent, out 332 yards and 3 times, pass the ball score reached 113. The team playing the ball Nick – Folk’s 34 yards of free kill, helping pirates to win. Also in the game competition, the two near-end Pikamelon Breti and OJ-Howard have also successfully « eat cake » with the four-dimensional Wendon. After the first season became the leader, Brett has got 10 times, and the first-class array of alliances was arranged in the same stage; and another rookie close-up armo Huawa has also got himself last week. At the first ball of the occupational alliance reaches the array. The gorgeous ball team will become the strongest weapon of the pirates to kill the patriot.

The new England Patriots played an inconsistent man before the season, but the quartzwood Tembradi is still the reliable « old goat ». He has passed 1399 yards this season, 10 times of passing the ball, The ball evaluation reached 116.6. Moreover, Braddy has not sent a copy of the CD, which has become the first two different seasons in the history of cheap nfl jerseys, and can pass at least 1000 yards 10 times in the four games in the regular season and have not been copied. As an offensive group, the patriot has a very rich offensive system, this will become a wonderful offensive battle on Thursday night?

In the simulation, the eagle starts using the flash quarter-free tactics in the second half, and obtains 2 killing 1 copy. Si Dichek Folos (Nick foles) uses the teleculation of the ball to pick up Alshon Jeffrey, helping the eagle leader at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

But Braddy will pass the ball to the outside Danny Amendola, the third time, and the patriot will lead again. Subsequently, the eagle safety Wei Malcomm-Jenkins (Malcolm Jenkins) caused the ball, but when the game time was exhausted, Wells’s pass was defeated by Patriots, Stephon Gilmore, the patriot is 24 -20 Get a champion.

In last year’s forecast, Madden predicted that the Patriot will complete the reversal in Section IV, including overcoming 10 points in the third quarter. They also successfully predicted that Atlanta Falcon 4-dimensional Matt Ryan will acquire 2 pass to reachable and final scores.