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In addition to responding to their own disariating, wholesale jerseys Henry has completed 30 shots in the whole game to get 195 yards and 1 pass to the ball. This makes him become a player who has a 175-yard player in 2 games in the history of the game in the game season. It is also the first player who is the first two consecutive games.

Eat Temple Paradise OR Media Gospel? – Reading Super BowlWith a whistle of the Meidian final, the 49th super bowl officially entered the countdown stage. Let’s read the way to read, let’s take a look at the interesting numbers about the super bowl!

In the case of a media interview last week, Baltimore Crow Safety Yermas was talking about Henry’s performance in the face of the new England patriots. He claims that the patriot defensive player looks reluctant to try to hold Henry, he Also said that the « mentality of the mind » is very different.  » In view of the performance of the first achievement of the Henry seasons and the performance in the playoffs, such evaluations are really disrespectful.

Since Nick Novak, the position of lightning is a problem since the Field of the 2014 season. Last year, a total of 4 players were used, but the no kicking rate is still NFL worst (67%). The kick is blocked and the shot is biased to drag the hind leg of the lightning, and finally let the team missed the playoffs.

49 general manager confident ace line guard can hurt the returnAfter this year’s snapshot, Patrick Willis and Chris Borland were surprisingly selected, San Francisco 49 people understand Health Navorro Bowman. The importance of their 2015 plans.

The injury from Bowman is over 15 months. Although the player recovered from the knee speck in 6 or 8 months, it was not common from the knee. The ligament of Bowman was more serious, and he also encountered the inside of the knee. Buck adheres to Bowman’s last season without any injuries.

Miami Dolphin’s defensive coordinator said in an interview: « Su is here there is a new nickname » emirate « , he is a big boy, he is a tape person, our wealth. He said nothing but once he opened you Will listen carefully. « 

Minnesota Viki Runa, Adrian Peterson, perhaps successfully recovered after surgery, but now is effective in the new Orleans Saint Run Tim – HeiliTower, Tim Hightower, also warning We are not all players to restore the explosive force before the injury.

Aguao will compete with the old Stickers to play the ball.Beijing August 16th, in general, each team will only keep a player in a formal list, and the work will be very scarce, and naturally there is no competition. This year, there are two people who compete in lightning in this year: Elderly Kelly cloth – Caleb Sturgis and the big parallels in the fans – Roberto Aguayo.

The three-degree of the best lineup line guard was hit by the knee in the 2013 season National Union Championship, so he missed the entire 2014 season. « We are very confident that his current recovery progress, » Trent Baalke « said in the last week’s NFL annual meeting. « He really started to feel returned to the state you want, » Buck also said to another media. « That is always the most important thing … I think he is really a good state now. »

Let’s take a look at how the dolphin defensive line coach evaluates Su: « He doesn’t understand him, in fact he is a very talented player, not only the ability and his IQ. These will make him more great, let He is different, I really like this guy very much. « 

Although the fans of the dolphins have not had a chance to look at Su, it is obvious that Su has created its influence in the locker room. This team has exported a lot of outstanding players, but there is no such thing in Su, Su is considered to be the top 5 top defensive players in the league.

According to the Miami reporter, Pierre Paul’s injury is quite serious. There is currently no official statement, only a tweet strategy is quite bad. This twemer user friend is responsible for Pierll Paul in the hospital, according to the telecommunications message, which may lose some fingers.